Fans That Cool Like Air Conditioners


Air conditioners are great, but they aren't for everyone. Whether your space can't accommodate one or you want to save money on a more energy-efficient option, these fans that cool like air conditioners aren't playing second fiddle — they're just as good, if not better, than many of the cooling units out there.

There are a lot of different types of fans, and buying one isn't a matter of clicking on the first highly-rated option you find. The three main types you'll find on the market include tower fans, which resemble small towers and can be kept on the floor or a desk, depending on their size; floor fans; and box fans that you can also place on the ground, but are more often mounted into windows.

It's important to decide whether you'll need a fan that you can carry from room to room or a weightier, sturdier option that'll basically live in one place. And from there, of course, the size of your room should guide you in choosing a model that's powerful enough to cool the entire space.

A preference for quiet fans that won't keep you up at night is another consideration — most of the options on this list are either peacefully silent or give off subtle white noise, though industrial-strength fans may be noisier.

These seven fans vary in terms of price and design, but they're all equally incredible at cooling rooms just like air conditioners.

1. A Best-Selling Fan With A Cult-Following And Affordable Price Tag

When you read through the more than 15,000 reviews this budget-friendly floor fan has earned, you may notice a theme: Most people are beyond shocked and excited about this fan's efficiency — something they didn't expect, given its affordable price tag.

Even reviewers who say they're always hot rave about how fast this fan moves air and how quiet it is. It has just nine blades (many others have 11), which means it draws less energy than other, more expensive competitors. But it's also surprisingly sturdy and versatile. With a height of 11 inches and a weight of about 2 pounds, you can mount this fan to your wall, stand it on a table or on the floor, and move it around from room to room. Of course, thanks to its amazing price, you may just decide to invest in one for every room.

2. An Investment-Worthy Tower Fan That Tops The Consumer Reports List

Let's get this obvious point out of the way: the Dyson tower fan is incredibly expensive. With that said, it's also a long-term investment — a uniquely designed, bladeless fan that's safe around children and pets and is unlike any other model you'll find on the market. This fan is Consumer Reports' top-rated choice, one that features 10 airflow settings, a sleep timer, and precise oscillation control that allows you to pinpoint where in the room you'd like to concentrate the most cool air.

When it comes to cleaning this fan — something that's usually a hassle given how dust and debris stick to blades — you won't have any trouble at all. Wipe it down with a cloth and you're finished — that's it. This fan even comes with a remote control with a magnetic back that adheres to its base. It's quiet, energy efficient, and a conversation piece, too. What more could you want?

3. A Space-Saving Pedestal Fan That's Great For Small To Medium Rooms

Most pedestal fans have a fairly large footprint. But this adjustable pedestal fan is slim enough to not take up a lot of floor space in medium to large rooms. Its height can be adjusted from 41 inches to 52 inches, and it has an optional oscillation function, a remote control, and sleep mode with auto shut-off. With three speed settings and the ability to direct wind flow up or down, this is the perfect fan to suit the cooling needs of more than one person in your home. And it's also got a leg up on other pedestal fans: it has a built-in carry handle and weighs 13 pounds — making it a sturdy, but still portable option.

4. The Most Effective Compact Fan That's Ideal For Your Desk

Cool off quickly at work or in bed with this compact tower fan that fits right on top of desks and nightstands. The 11-inch fan has three speed settings and, according to reviewers, is fantastically quiet on all settings. It provides 80 degrees of oscillation, which means it covers quite a bit of room for such a small fan, and one reviewer raves about its cooling, but non-drying wind mode, which makes it a top option for sweaty sleepers. You can even set the fan to turn off after one, two, or four hours, ensuring you never leave it on overnight at your office.

It's important to note that a couple of Amazon reviewers complained this fan stopped working after a few months; That being said, the majority gave it a five-star rating. Since it comes highly recommended from many other research-based websites and has a one-year warranty, it's probably still worth trying out for yourself!

5. A Great Fan For Large Rooms That's Also Incredibly Quiet

Most of the time, when you purchase a fan to cool extra-large rooms, you have to accept a trade-off: in exchange for efficiency, you must be willing to deal with noise. But that's not the case with this floor fan, which can move air up to 100 feet and has four speed settings, most of which are whisper-quiet (at its highest speed, expect it to sound more like white noise).

This fan tilts 90 degrees and has a gliding chrome bar that lets you easily control the direction of airflow. One reviewer said it lowered the temperature in his large room by three degrees. It's effective, portable (it weighs 7.3 pounds), and non-disruptive.

6. Another Great Fan For Large Rooms, But This On Rotates 360 Degrees

When an extra-large room in your home or office needs as much cooling as possible, it's time to bring in this industrial-strength pedestal fan, which can both tilt and has a head that rotates 360 degrees (super convenient). This fan has three speeds and a powerful torque motor, and you can adjust its height. You can control the exact direction of cold air for the ultimate floor-to-ceiling cooling experience. But don't expect it to be very quiet: it's noisier than most others on this list, but is also very sturdy (it weighs 21.5 pounds) and well-made.

7. The Best Window Fan For Circulating Stale Air Out Of The Room

The advantage of purchasing a box fan like this one is that you can easily mount it in your window, where it does a stellar job of moving stagnant air out from indoors to outdoors. This, of course, also saves you a ton of floor space. This fan is 20 inches wide and covers a large space, but be aware that you can't tilt it and it gives off a subtle white noise, so don't expect it to be completely quiet. It has three speed settings and is ideal for apartments, garages, and dorms.

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