Fans Thinks This May Be A Kylie Cosmetics Teaser


When you’re Kylie Jenner, everything you do generates hype. So, naturally, when she took to Snapchat to mention how much she likes the way purple shadow brings out her eye color, fans had a lot to say about the matter — namely, they think Kylie Jenner may have teased new Kyshadow in a super subtle way. And honestly, most folks seem pretty into the idea. As usual, Jenner does no wrong!

In the videos she recently posted to Snapchat, she’s wearing a light layer of purple color on her lid and along her lower lash line. And I must say, she’s definitely right about this shade really making her eyes pop because duh — she knows a thing or two about makeup. She’s also well-versed in the art of online teasing, so thinking that this is more than just an innocent, “I love purple eye shadow so much” kind of moment definitely isn’t out of line. Especially considering who we’re dealing with here.

Bustle reached out to Kylie Comsetics to see if this is in fact a hint at an upcoming product. Since there’s no official info just yet, all we can do is hope that Jenner makes our plum makeup dreams come true. Because if she endorses this color, there’s no way the rest of us could live without it in our beauty routines!


This hue does do wonders for her natural eye color.


A bold shadow like this is bound to make your eyes pop!


I'm loving the way she matched it to her lips, too. Good move with the monochrome. It's a super on-trend look at the moment.


Cute, Ky. Now, where can the rest of us get some? If Jenner drops a purple palette, fans are going to scoop it up.

They're obsessed with the way it looks on her.

So obviously, they want to add it to their collection, too.

And I mean, why not? Purple is the new brown, after all.

For some people, a product launch of this kind has been a long time coming.

Fans are already all about any plum-colored items that are already available to shop.

So, come on, Jenner! Why not make a palette to go with this Head Over Heels lippie? Fans would be so here for it.

Let's hope we convinced her, you guys!