Fenty Beauty's Mattemoiselle Lipsticks As Zodiac Sign, According To Rihanna Herself

There’s always an opportunity for brands to hop on the bandwagon of internet culture at a moment’s notice — especially during gimmicky holidays like today’s National Lipstick Day. But this is a time for makeup brands to flourish, and Fenty Beauty just listed its Mattemoiselle Lipsticks as zodiac signs in honor of the makeup holiday. And for real makeup/astrology fans, they’ll find some truth to the brand’s lipstick and zodiac matchup.

Even if you’re not someone who believes in how the stars align, you might be a believer of the magic inside Fenty Beauty’s Mattemoiselle Lipstick formula. The brand is celebrating the “national holiday” by giving away a free full-sized Mattemoiselle Lipsticks with any purchase of $50 or more on

Fenty Beauty made the announcement of the generous deal on Instagram in two posts explaining every zodiac sign and how each one is represented in a Mattemoiselle Lipstick.

“Y’all know we got a #MATTEMOISELLE mood for each of the zodiacs,” the brand wrote both captions of the posts. “Swipe left to see which shade is made for your sign!”

Surely enough, from Capricorn to Sagittarius, Fenty Beauty revealed 12 coordinating shades of its comfortable long-wearing Mattemoiselle Lipsticks with a caption of how the lipstick reflects the zodiac sign. If your life has never been read for filth by a lipstick, then it’s definitely about to be.

The first post Fenty Beauty shares is in tribute to the first six zodiac signs. And to be honest, the predictions of each sign might make people think Aunty RiRi is a fortuneteller.

Freckle Fiesta For Capricorns

As explained in the post, Freckle Fiesta is made for Capricorns who are hard-working "but knows when to turn up," so this is a shade to help them get the party started.

Clapback For Aquarius

Aqurius gets the deep blue shade that is the Mattemoiselle Clapback. It's perfect for the "rebellious and independent who isn't afraid to throw shade" or, well, clap back.

Candy Venom For Pisces

A hot pretty in pink is earned for Pisces because of their creative abilities who can be sweet as candy or "lethal like venom." That's a fact.

Ma'Damn For Aries

There are few words Fenty Beauty uses to describe this shade for Aries people: Confident, direct, and boss. Period.

Midnight Wasabi For Taurus

Tauruses have very stable personas, and that's why Fenty Beauty lists this hot and spicy green shade Midnight Wasabi as their best shade because they can handle any kind of heat.

One of the Boyz For Gemini

This periwinkle shade is made for a Gemini's flexibility and versatility. A color like this proves they can be down for anything and any color. No wonder it's described as a wild lilac.

PMS For Cancer

Cancers can be loyal to a fault, but also moody AF. So behold the blood red PMS Mattemoiselle for the zodiac sign who wears it best.

Saw-C For Leo

The game of Leo season is in the name of this Mattemoiselle Lipstick shade. There's never a dull moment with the bluntness of this shade or sign.

Ballerina Blackout For Virgos

"For the meticulous and reliable virgo that's always making moves" is a valid description of Virgos and why this plush pink shade of matte lipstick is as versatile as the sign that wears it.

S1ngle For Libra

S1ingle is listed in honor of Libras because of their demure and alluring nature. They're so mysterious, in fact, you'll wonder if they're boo'd up or single.

Violet Fury For Scorpio

Scorpio's get a reputation for their intense personality, hence why the aptly named Violet Fury Mattemoiselle lippie is a perfect fit for them.

Dragon Mami For Sagittarius

The Sagittarius who's spunky and sharp is ideally matched with the hot pink watermelon Dragon Mami shade because honestly, a Sagittarius' light can never be dimmed.

Hopefully Fenty Beauty will come out with more cool ways to identify with its makeup (it's doing a bang-up job so far if you couldn't already tell). But for now, fans can enjoy shopping a colorful lipstick that fits your zodiac sign the best.