You Can Fill These Christmas Ornaments With Booze

by Lia Beck
Firebox/Remixed by Bustle

Halloween is still approaching, but if you're more of a Christmas tree-scented person than a pumpkin spice-scented person, then you might already have your mind on December. In which case, you may be interested to know about Festive Boozeballs, which are Christmas tree ornaments you can fill with alcohol. Apparently, it is never to soon to think about alternative ways to imbibe during the holiday season, because these are already on the market.

The boozy ornaments don't come pre-boozed, but are small, clear ornaments with tops that you can remove and fill with liquid. They're also printed with "Drink Me" on the side. Really, you could put anything in there — Kool-Aid, confetti, a tiny rolled-up letter that you then set out to sea — but the purpose is meant to be liquor, so that you can take a shot right off of your Christmas tree. After all, it's the only time of the year where taking a shot right off your Christmas tree can even be a thing.

A number of sites offer Festive Boozeballs, but Firebox might take the cake when it comes to descriptions with this very English one:

Absolutely perfect for parties, stockings, and getting Nan wasted on sherry before the Queen’s speech. PRO TIP: Try to hang 'em on the higher up branches so that any wayward children don’t drink the magic Christmas liquid. The festive period is stressful enough without tipsy kids. Or a very sad trip to A&E.

It's both an important warning and a reminder that you might want to try seeing if your grandma will take a shot with you.

Lest you think Festive Boozeballs are the only boozy Christmas decorations out there, they most certainly are not.

Mixed Liquors Advent Calendar

This Advent calendar from Heritage Distilling Co. includes a wide variety of mini liquors, including bourbon, rye, gin, and vodka. Most importantly, you get to open tiny doors for 24 days straight.

The Ginvent Calendar

And this Advent calendar is all gin. According to Master of Malt, this calendar from The Gin Foundry is "a classic of the genre." Well, well.

Santa's Flask

It's shaped like a stocking and can be hung up, but it's really a pouch with a spigot full of... well, that's up to you.

Gin Baubles

Pickering's makes gin baubles that are a similar idea to the Boozeballs, but come with Pickering's gin already inside. They come six to a pack and in a variety of colors.

Whiskey Baubles

Gin not your thing? There are also whiskey-filled ornaments on the market.

Tequila Advent Calendar

Lastly, a tequila Advent calendar. Advent calendars for everyone! (And also, there are plenty of others if you don't drink, too.)

You see, there are plenty of options out there for the Christmas lover who is also a liquor aficionado. You can use your Advent calendar surprises to mix up some fancy cocktails or use Boozeballs and baubles for a holiday party. But, again, make sure you hang any boozy ornaments up high. Please.