Fifth Harmony Without Camila Cabello Sounds Different, But Still Strong — LISTEN

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On Monday, Dec. 19, Fifth Harmony rocked fans with news that Camila Cabello had left the band. In a note shared via Twitter, the remaining four members revealed they would carry on as a quartet, and Cabello later announced that she would be embarking on a solo career. The details behind the split remain murky, but listeners have already turned their attention forward. A new video showing has been making the rounds online, and while 5H certainly sound different without her, their music is still strong.

uploaded a version of the group’s newest single, September’s “That’s My Girl,” without Cabello’s vocals. On the updated cut, Lauren Jauregui’s low, smoky tones shine through on the pre-chorus (“You’ve been down before…”) that she previously sang with Cabello. Overall, the group's song sounds deeper without their former member’s high-pitched falsetto, but not drastically dissimilar. Fans can breathe a sigh of relief: It’s still a banger.

Thus far, listeners have been mixed about the final product. Some raved they liked it better without Cabello, while others mourned her missing part. The most unifying consensus seems to be that Cabello previously overpowered Jauregui, and now her voice stands out.

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“Whoa, you can actually hear Lauren's vocals now without Camila screeching over her. Nice,” wrote one YouTube commenter. “Sounds so much more mature, I'm here for it!” added another, while someone else said, “This is so sad.”

Of course, this isn’t a fully accurate representation of . Their vocal arrangements will likely be altered to better fit Normani Kordei, Dinah Jane, Ally Brooke, and Jauregui’s voices. Meanwhile, for 2017, according to Entertainment Weekly. Regardless of how things panned out, it seems both parties have vibrant futures ahead, and it will be thrilling to see what they do next.