Fishtail Brows Are The Latest Weird Eyebrow Trend & They're Actually Kind Of Badass

A classic red lipstick is always in, smokey eyes never get old, and highlighter will probably always reign supreme. But beauty enthusiasts cannot seem to stop altering their brows. Now, fishtail brows are the latest makeup trend and there's no telling whether or not the intense look will stick around for long.

It all started with the "Instagram brow", a trend that had everyone creating a soft fade that turned into a dramatic, defined brow à la the 'Gram's top beauty influencers. What followed were a string of eyebrow trends that got weirder and weirder with each post.

There were the squiggle brows that took over IG, an odd technique that was considered to be one of the strangest trends to get a ton of fanfare. Brow braiding became a major thing, whether the mesmerizing look was real or not. Then there was the seasonal bauble brow trend, a quirky look gaining momentum just in time for the holidays. With all of this creativity going on, you'd think the beauty community would have had enough of shaping brow hairs into unique designs by now.

But fishtail brows are proof that the strange Instagram trends aren't going away anytime soon.

Posting a previous makeup look newly updated with a brow whose tail split into two angled tips, Huda Kattan, the popular beauty blogger behind the Huda Beauty brand, reposted a selfie with an intense eye look. For the unusual edit, the beauty guru gave credit to Instagram's @skyzeditz, a makeup account known for photoshopping makeup looks onto celebrities and IG influencers.

She captioned the unusual photo "fishtail brow", adding a fish emoji that proved the look really did mirror the appearance of an aquatic animal.

Thanks to skyzeditz's photoshopping skills, Kattan wasn't the only makeup maven to receive a fishtail brow. Influencers dessimua and haley_bui were also given makeovers featuring the quirky brow, and the photos really looked as though the gurus had molded their hairs into fishtails themselves.

Giving each of the beauty gurus an edge, the fishtail brows were like nothing ever seen before. Against their smoked out eye makeup and otherworldly glows, the structured brow added more drama to their looks. As odd as they may seem at first, you have to admit that the brows are actually pretty cool.

Naturally, the Twitterverse had plenty of opinions on the new trend, however. As do all Instagram makeup trends, the looks left the beauty community pretty divided, even if someone as influential as Huda Kattan was on board with the powerful brow.

For some, squiggle and braided brows weren't all they were cracked up to be, but fishtails were a hit.

After all, these gurus were making the brow look pretty badass with such stunning makeup looks.

Even if it their looks were worth praising, others felt the trend needed a name change because "fishtail brow" just didn't cut it.

Of course, the trending looks didn't resonate with everyone within the beauty community.

It's safe to say that some just wanted all of the brow madness to end.

Regardless of whether the trend gets labeled as a hit or miss, eyebrows have certainly come a long way from the days when overly tweezing them was a thing.

As trends continue to come and go, it'll be hard to say whether or not fishtail brows will have longevity within the beauty community. With an industry giant like Huda Kattan in on the action, the trend will likely spread like wildfire.

But this is Instagram we're talking about here. Fishtail brows weren't the first weird makeup trend to divide the internet and they certainly won't be the last.