Christmas Tree Brows Are The Bizarre Holiday Eyebrow Trend You Never Knew You Needed


If you're gearing up for the holiday social season, chances are you're already mentally preparing your look for all those Ugly Christmas parties and bar crawls. While some shindigs are going to demand for silver mini dresses and tuxedos, and others are going to call for fake eyelashes and crimson lipstick, others will let you play with a more kitschy aesthetic. For those events where you can get silly and wear your tackiest (or most tongue-in-cheek) sweaters, consider matching your makeup to the look and pulling off the "bauble brow."

It will be just the makeup look to accompany your Ugly Christmas Sweater or kitschy dress, seeing how you turn your eyebrows into Christmas trees with ornaments hanging from them. It sounds extra, mainly because it's meant to be. Where guys have been experimenting with glitter and ornament beards these last couple of years, we now have our own makeup version of that.

The look was originally posted by Instagram user @bronya_h, who got the idea from Pinterest. She pointed out that she couldn't find out who the original makeup artist was that created the look, and asked followers to direct message her if they knew. The look consists of glitter makeup spread across her perfectly crafted brows, and then painted-on bauble ornaments underneath the arches. It appears that the ornaments are created with rhinestones, and then a liquid eyeliner is used to draw on the bows and string.

She then took it a step further and paired the creative brows with a holiday smokey eye, rocking a glittery gold eyeshadow accented with a glitter-based red cat eyeliner. Since sequins and glitter are clearly the look du jour this month, she also added silver sparkles to the corners of her eyes to brighten up the smokey look and to play with a little more shimmer. The outcome is a dramatic and playful makeup look, that will definitely be festive enough for any wild holiday party you have planned this month.

And followers seem to agree with that sentiment. Love for the holiday tutorial poured in, with one user writing, "I fricken love all of your makeup, I want to try to learn how to do makeup on that level at some point, you're fab." Another followed up with, "Ooo girl you slayyy!! you deserve so much credit for how talented you are!!"

She's not the only one who is decorating her brows festively for the holiday season. YouTuber Taylor R created a full-on Christmas Tree brow look, complete with branches and a star at the top.

Insane, right?

So whether you want to go full Christmas tree like Taylor R or just rock a Christmas tree branch like Bronya H, you now can learn exactly how.

This Christmas tree brow trend isn't the only holiday eye that this makeup artist has made. Check out her other looks below, and get inspired with how you want to rock your makeup this season.

Candy Cane Eyeliner

If baubles hanging off of your eyebrows aren't your thing, then you can try recreating a chic candy cane eyeliner design instead. All you need to do is create a bold, thick cat eye, but instead of using the usual black liquid liner you reach for, fill it in with white and red. If you would like a little more punch to the look, you can also pair it with a red smokey eye.

Holly Eye Art

This look is for the more advanced makeup artists, since you will need a steady and sure hand to draw on the sprigs of holly. But practice makes perfect, and you can try it out a few times at home to see if you have the skills to create this cute eyeshadow art. Draw on the holly, and then pair it with green and gold shadow for an extra festive touch. If you're feeling bold, you can also add some gold to your undereyes, making it seem like you have bits of gold-leaf underneath your lashes.

Whichever look you choose, you're going to look amazing this holiday season.