Flamingo Pixel Hair Is A Thing Now & The Look Is Going Viral

by Summer Arlexis

Seeing Rapunzel-level tresses cut into a shoulder-length bob or watching a brunette transform into a blonde is always intriguing. But bold and unconventional stylings are the kind of hair transformations the internet really wants to see. That's why a woman with two flamingos hidden in her hair is going viral on Instagram.

There's nothing simple about the cut, color, and styling jobs hairstylists are cooking up in beauty salons these days. You've got your braided rose hairstyles, a 3D-esque mullet that looks so futuristic, and even rainbow hair inspired by LaCroix all having experienced internet fame, and the mind-blowing makeovers don't stop there. In other words, there are some hairstylists turned artists showing off major skills on Instagram by transforming ordinary manes into museum-worthy works of art.

The latest viral hair transformation is no exception, featuring a quirky design hidden within the model's strands. Masterminded by hair colorist and educator Cristina Vigna, the dye job is like nothing you've ever seen before, proving ombrés, balayages, and highlights aren't the only way to jazz up your 'do with color. Instead, there's a unique, pixelated way of applying color and it's definitely not for the faint of heart.

When Vigna's client's hair isn't strategically combed, you'd probably think her jet black hair has random splotches of hot pink color. It would seem that her color was applied with no reason or rhyme.

But after parting the client's hair down the middle and carefully laying each bundle of strands perfectly, the mane gives way to a mirrored image of a bright pink flamingo. Just watch Vigna's video and instantly become amazed as such masterful hair artistry.

"The final results of sleepless nights," Vigna captioned an Instagram post showing off the custom color. One could only imagine the kind of skill it would take to master the pixelated design.

As a student attending a seminar held by X-presion Creativos, a Madrid-based research and development hairdressing group, Vigna learned their impressive pixel hair technique. In an interview with Allure, she revealed how she conceptualized the flamingo, and it all started on paper before she even dared to pick up a styling tool in her home shop, the Roberto Marcon Hair Boutique.

“I started by studying the patterns that I learned in Madrid and drew them on graph paper. The starting point had been very difficult, I had many sleepless nights and my mind melted because I could not figure out the flamingo pattern.”

The flamingo design is certainly not your average dye job, but rather something more artistic. “It’s an architectural work studying the placement of the pixel in every layer," Jorge Cáncer, founder of X-presion Creativos with Marco Antonio Restrepo and Jose Luis Almendral, told Allure. The Pulp Riot dye, in Cupid Bright Pink for the bird's body and Lemon Yellow for the beak, was deposited in such a way that there aren't just a mere two or three flamingos throughout the hair. With strategic combing, there are thousands of pink birds that can show up no matter where you section the hair, according to Cáncer. Now, that's what you call next-level.

It looks like Vigna is well on her way to becoming a pixel hair master. She has already tested the waters with other pixelated designs, having even once combined the technique with a rainbow ombré.

The flamingo hair artistry now trending was just the stylist showing how much she has perfected her craft. It may have cost her a good night's rest, but the end result was so worth it. Now that the 'do featuring summer's it bird has gone viral, you just may see other pixel hair designs surfacing soon on the 'gram.