Floral Armpit Tattoos Are An Incredible New Ink Trend

Depending on your pain tolerance level, getting ink can be a toe-curling experience. But now imagine combining that stabbing sensation with a tickling one, and you've got yourself quite the tattoo appointment. That's what the floral armpit tattoo trend is like, where it combines ink and one of the most sensitive areas on your body. While it might seem like a covert area to get an image — no one will see it unless you raise your hand for whatever reason — that's what makes it so cool. It's a shocking surprise, and super unexpected. While people are getting all sorts of different images on their pits (everything from funny onions to perfume bottles,) the ones that are taking over Instagram are in the floral variety, creating a garden that's sprouting out from underarms.

These flowers are taking all sorts of shapes, from shaded black and white versions, to colorful cartoon-like images. There are bouquets that run down the side of rib-cages, to delicate blooms growing straight out from the pit. You could take the trend in a delicate, feminine direction with red roses, or make it a little edgier with minimalist, geometric reiterations. It's completely up to you and what your aesthetic is like. There's really no wrong way to do it.

"Yep, the internet is alive with art-covered armpits in every shape and size," Cosmopolitan confirmed. To give you inspiration on what you could request yourself, all you have to do is turn to Instagram to get some ideas. You can create a massive bloom that cascades down your side like this woman did.

Or opt for a classic black and white look that gives off a completely different aesthetic.

Some tattoo lovers opted to make their underarm ink part of a sleeve, like this colorful bloom that was created by a California artist. It bleeds out from the sleeve, into the underarm, and down the rib cage.

Or you can go for a colorful, in-your-face bloom right in the center of the armpit.

If you love the playfulness of this trend but aren't ready to commit to something permanent, you can try this look with some temporary tattoos. Below are some great brands that create realistic dupes:

1. Tattly

Rifle Paper Co, $15, Tattly

If you like a more girly aesthetic, then these blooms will be perfect to jazz up any underarm in a sleeveless dress.

2. Tattoorary

Vintage Floral Tattoo, $8, Etsy

If you want more of a variety, this Etsy shop offers up all sorts of different floral looks, ranging from black and white pieces to big sleeves.

3. TattMe

Vintage Floral Temporary Tattoo, $1, TattMe

If you want to try this look on a budget, then TattMe offers up tatts for only a dollar!

Whether you go permanent or temporary, this is definitely a quirky trend to try out this summer!

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