Frank Body Now Makes One Of Its Instagram-Famous Scrubs For Your Scalp

Frank Body has built its Instagram-famous reputation on caffeinated body scrubs made from coffee grounds and other naturally-derived ingredients. Now, the brand is branching out and entering the hair care realm with the same ingredients and ethos. Frank Body just dropped hair care products, including a scalp scrub that's essential for summer. These hair helpers will get your locks all sorts of hydrated and healthy.

Frank's first foray into hair care isn't shampoo or conditioner. Rather, Frank Body has created two luxurious and caffeinated treatments that are under $20 and promise to pamper your scalp and your strands.

The Stimulating Scalp Scrub is $18.95, and it's basically one of the brand's internet-loved scrubs for your scalp, since that's the basis for healthy hair. Think of your scalp as though it's the skin of your head. It's also akin to the skin of your face. You have to take care of it so it looks and feels good.

The scrub functions like a scalp exfoliant, since it removes dry skin, dead cells, and detoxifies by removing icky product build up that stops your hair from looking and feeling its best. The product clarifies without stripping, in addition to stimulating follicles and increasing blood flow to the region, which is said to help hair grow faster.

The Go Longer Hair Mask is $16.95, and encourages growth, while also repairing, softening, and strengthening the hair shaft. It's non-greasy so it won't weigh hair down or leave it limp.

As is the case with all Frank Body products, the Stimulating Scalp Scrub and Go Longer Hair Mask are natural and cruelty-free.

Frank Body arrived on the scene back in 2013 with just one coffee-based scrub created by five friends who recognized the amazing beauty benefits of coffee grounds when used on skin and hair. The brand eventually expanded to a 20-product assortment — and now Frank isn't just about body products anymore.