Frank Body's New Shimmer Scrub Is Basically A Highlighter For Your Body

A spring and summer glow is practically what every woman wants during the warmer months. Now, Frank Body's new Shimmer Scrub will help you do just that, because it's basically a highlighter for your body. Thanks to Frank Body, a traditional highlighter doesn't have to be dusted onto your collarbones and shoulders for that stunning shimmer. You can scrub away the day and give yourself that glow all at the same time.

The brand's coffee scrubs are their most iconic product, and even with the addition of shimmer, that isn't changing. The Frank Body Shimmer Scrub still contains the brand's signature coffee beans, but it's adding sugar and salt for an extra level of exfoliation. Then, there's the most exciting part: mica. The mica particles in the scrub are small gold and silver particles that will give you the summer time glow of your dreams.

If you want to snag the Shimmer Scrub, you should definitely mark your calendar for May 1 — the day it's set to debut. Not only will fans of a highlighted glow be dying to get their hands on it, but the scrub is also limited edition. You need to get it while you can.

Frank Body

The Shimmer Scrub will ring in at $19.95 for 200g, and with killer holographic packaging and an incredible product, it's definitely worth the price. Plus, not only does the Shimmer Scrub give you a stunning glow and a great exfoliation, but it's also moisturizing.

While coffee seeds, salt, and sugar exfoliates and mica adds a glow, grapeseed oil and Vitamin E hydrate your skin. It's the hydration that actually allows the mica to stay in place after your shower time is over.

Frank Body

If you've been trying to find a way to get a highlighted glow all over your body, the Frank Body Shimmer Scrub is the way to go. Set your calendar for May 1, and get ready to be glow goals all spring and summer long.