Frida Kahlo Vans Exist & They're A Literal Work of Art on Your Feet

There are times when fashion pays its respects to artists and their artwork. And the result? Things like a stunning Vault by Vans Frida Kahlo-inspired sneaker collection comes into existence. And the shoes are so detailed, they’re literal masterpieces made for feet.

Vault by Vans introduced fans to the upcoming collection featuring the widely-known Mexican artist on June 25 in an Instagram post. The line will highlight some of Kahlo’s famous pieces in three of Vans classic styles with some fresh white soles.

“Known best for her self-portraits and works inspired by Mexico, the Vault by Vans x Frida Kahlo collection brings a sampling of the artist’s paintings to life on classic Vans silhouettes,” the brand wrote in another post.

According to MentalFloss, the collection includes the OG Slip-On LX printed with a portrait of Kahlo and her 1940 painting Self-Portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird, the OG Sk8-Hi LX featuring another portrait of Kahlo derived from her 1939 painting The Two Fridas, and finally, the OG Authentic LX that’s doused in watermelons from the artist’s painting Viva la Vida, Watermelons from 1954. Plus, the words “Viva la Vida” are embroidered in a watermelon on the side of the heel.

The limited edition collection will range between $80 and $95 and launched June 29. However, according to Vans site, the shoes will only be available at select Vault Dealers.

Kahlo was not only an incredible painter of portraits and watermelons, but she was also way before her time, acknowledging feminist ideologies all throughout her paintings. Not to mention, she exuded a confident attitude in all of her self portrait works.

In celebration of Kahlo's Mexican heritage, Vans did the collaboration in partnership with Banco de Mexico, while the likeness of her artwork is licensed and approved by the artist's family, which Glamour pointed out Mattel's previous misuse of the artist's image for a doll product.

Kahlo is front and center in these OG Slip On LX Vans in her 1940 Self-Portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird. While the painter is featured on the uppers, the shoe fades into a matte black in the back of the heels.

Kahlo's Viva La Vida, Watermelon painting is actually a total hit for summer since they're ridden with watermelon. Not only do these sneaks make for a sweet pair of kicks, but don't they also make you just a tad thirsty for some super juicy fruit.

The brand's traditional high top sneaker is adorned with Kahlo's The Two Fridas, in which one Frida is viewed on the left side of the heel while the other Frida is placed on the right. The snazzy shoe is topped off with a forest green tongue and white soles.

The Vault series has already offered up some amazing collections dedicated to artists including Ralph Stedman and Taka Hayashi. However, with all of the amazing contributions Kahlo has made to art, her community, fashion, and now streetwear, it's no wonder she's a selfie queen years after her reign.