People Are Now Swatching Eyeshadows On Their ENTIRE Hand And The Results Are Bonkers

If you follow beauty influencers and bloggers on your Instagram, then your feed is probably full of arm swatches that display everything from the newest matte liquid lipstick shades to innovative color palettes. But chances are you haven't seen anything like the newly viral Instagram hand swatches that have taken social media by storm.

Rather than just testing a color by carefully swiping it on a forearm, two indie brands in particular have upped the ante by painting their entire hand in their newest iridescent and holographic colors, creating a mesmerizing and spellbinding display of their upcoming products.

It's one thing to see a holographic shadow shimmering on the back of an Instagramer's hand. It's a whole other experience when a whole hand is covered in the galactic-like colors.

The two indie brands that brought this new tactic to our phone screens are Dawn Eyes Cosmetics and Chaos Makeup. Dawn Eyes Cosmetics is no stranger to holographic shades, where their homemade and handcrafted shadows have a penchant for moving from one metallic shade to the next in just one product, depending how the light hits it.

Their most recent collection that wowed followers was their "Premiums" line, which featured highly pigmented, color shifting shadows that moved across the spectrum of the rainbow as you tilted or shifted your head.

While those shades look mesmerizing in their neat, horizontal swatches, they take on a completely new life when they cover a whole hand. Having it swatched over more space allows you to see just how multi-chrome they are.

This particular color is the "Mystical" shadow, which is both vegan and cruelty-free. It shifts from a bright green to a bold teal, then to a bright purple to a magenta. It has a highly metallic finish, and you can apply it dry for a brushed chrome effect, or apply it wet for a foiled look. The brand recommends applying it over a sticky primer or using a brush dipped in a glitter base to make sure it stays on all day long.

Chaos Makeup is also an indie brand that's cruelty-free and has a series of innovative cosmetics that will completely upgrade your makeup drawer. They have everything from a Kaleidoscope Highlighter that brushes on exactly like a rainbow prism on your cheek, glitter bombed hydrating lipsticks that look like glitter glue sticks from your grade school days, and incredibly hued highlighters that let you play with colors from seafoam to 24K gold.

The brand's latest hand swatch teases a brand new collection coming soon, but doesn't say whether it's a highlighter or an eyeshadow. But you won't care what it is once you see it in action. All you'll know is that you have to make it yours.

It's a true holographic color where it moves across the spectrum of the rainbow, moving from green, to pink, to purple, to blue, to yellow and orange. It looks a lot like what you would see through heat sensor goggles, and you can't help but immediately imagine all the amazing makeup looks you could create with it.

As you can imagine, followers were beside themselves over these amazing swatches. "Oh girl. How the ACTUALL!" one person wrote under Chaos Makeup's photo. "I honestly want to cover my eyes in this," another shared. "Very rarely does a makeup product make me say holy shit. but,,,,, holy shit," another posted, sharing everyone's thoughts perfectly.

While swatches are definitely important to show followers what shadows and lipsticks look like outside of their packaging, it's fun to see brands find innovative new ways to show off their products. Here's hoping this trend sticks around.