Every 'Fuller House' Season 3 Reference To 'Full House' That You Totally Missed

There are so many reasons to love Fuller House, including the cheesy jokes and warm, fuzzy storyline, but many fans love it for the nostalgia of it all. Fuller House reminds us all of a simpler time when most of us were kids, Full House was still airing new episodes, and Lisa Frank's designs were on our lunch boxes. And if you think it's fun to reminisce about the original show, you are going to love the reboot's newest season. Fuller House references Full House in Season 3 so many times throughout Part 1's nine episodes, including adding appearances from familiar cast members from the past. Spoilers ahead for Season 3, Part 1.

Whether you love when D.J., Stephanie, and Kimmy look back on their younger years, seeing guest stars who used to be a big part of the Tanners' universe, or are looking for answers to questions you still have about the original series, there's something for every Full House fan in the new episodes.

Here are all the references to Full House from Fuller House Season 3's first nine episodes. What are the chances this show can live on through Netflix forever? Even with three seasons so far, it's impossible to get enough of this childhood favorite.

Jackson's Burn On His Mom

When DJ sends Jackson to summer school to bring up his grades, she tells him it's because she wants him to grow up and be successful in life... and move out of her house. To which he says, "you're still living here." D.J., you need some ice for that burn?

Gia's Appearance


Once again, Stephanie's former bad girl BFF is back on Fuller House, and this time, we get to meet her daughter, Rocki... who is, unsurprisingly, causing Jackson trouble in summer school. And in case you were wondering, yes: D.J. and Gia still hate each other's guts.

Stephanie's Famous Catchphrase

In one episode, Stephanie thinks she spotted Fernando cheating on Kimmy by hugging another woman, and then she gets everyone involved into a giant mess when she's wrong and the woman is actually just Fernando's realtor. So she does the only thing she knows how to do: Pours lemonade on herself and says, "how rude." How rude, indeed.

Uncle Jesse Returns

Considering how involved John Stamos has always been with Fuller House, it's no surprise that he's back for more this season. This time, he arrives with his daughter, Pamela (who's named after his late sister and the girls' mom, remember? Cue the tears) and tries out the same tactics on D.J.'s squabbling kids that he used to use on her, Stephanie, and Michelle when they were younger.

The Mystery Of Kimmy's House


Being that Kimmy spent all of her time at the Tanner house as a kid, the Gibbler house has always been a mystery... but not anymore. In Season 3, Fernando buys the house and restores it to its former glory, which means we learn that Kimmy's house is essentially a Chuck E. Cheese on the inside. Why she and D.J. didn't spend more time there as kids is still a mystery, though.

The Hidden References In Kimmy's House


If you look closely at Kimmy's house you'll notice two hidden easter eggs (with red arrows to point them out on the photo above). One is a unicycle, because she used to ride one, and one is a framed photo of young Kimmy and her pet ostrich, because of course.

What Mr. & Mrs. Gibbler Are Up To In 2017

As Kimmy explained, her parents headed to an underground bunker in the Everglades to escape Y2K, where they still live to this day — and apparently, they think that they world actually did end, so they're not coming out. Does this mean they'll never appear on Fuller House? Stranger things have certainly happened on this show.

Jesse's Mad Dad Skills

Beaten down by how much care his new baby needs, Jesse arrives missing a little of his dad mojo, but fortunately, D.J. and Stephanie are around to remind him of what a great father figure he was to them growing up... including a reference to the famous Oat Boats debacle, when Stephanie got cast in a commercial and D.J. didn't in Full House.

"Teddy Bear"

DJ, Stephanie, and Jesse gathering around the playpen to sing "Teddy Bear" to baby Pamela, just like Jesse, Joey, and Danny used to sing it to Michelle was one of the most precious moments of the season. If you cried a little, it's OK. You're almost definitely not the only one.

The Clipboard Of Fun


Making its return from the Full House Hawaii trip is Danny's "Clipboard of Fun," which he assures us is the original when he uses it for the very clean pie-eating contest.

Danny Tanner Playing The Guitar


Danny loved to sing to his kids (OK, Michelle) in the original series, and he brought out his guitar in Season 3 to help Jackson serenade his girlfriend Lola.

Jesse's Hair

Jesse volunteers to give Ramona a perm, because he knows hair — and he proves it by showing off his mullet from the original Full House days. (It's actually one of the show's real promo shots from the original series.)

Mr. Bear


After Max's unicorn stuffed animal bites the dust, Stephanie gifts him Mr. Bear — her companion from the original series. But, ultimately she decides she can't give him up, even to a child.

The Photos On The Mantel

Twins Alex and Nicky may not really be in the spinoff any longer, but their baby pics still are — seen here behind Kimmy's head.

Grandpa Nick

John Aprea reprised his role as Uncle Jesse's dad in the final episode of Season 3, Part 1, bringing the original series to life in another fun way.

Fuller House is so much fun, but it gets even better when it brings back all these memories. Can someone start a petition for Uncle Jesse to appear in every episode from here on out? Couldn't hurt.