Funny April Fools' Day Pranks To Play On Your Significant Other

by Kiersten Hickman

Thanks to the internet, finding pranks to pull on April Fools' Day has become easier and easier. But finding the right April Fools' Day pranks to pull on your significant other? Now, that gets a bit more challenging. Not because it’s hard to find a prank, but finding one they wouldn’t expect you to even try. These pranks go beyond the typical saran-wrapped car and decorated desk tricks. Even beyond your usual jokes and antics at home. These need to be taken to a whole new level.

First, you need to evaluate the type of relationship you and your partner have. Are you always playing jokes on each other? Pretty serious? Will your partner be upset with you, laugh with you, or try to get back at you later that day? What types of pranks would they find humorous, and which ones do you need to avoid in case of any conflict?

Second, make sure that you plan in advance. Pulling off the best pranks require a bit of time and effort. Take some time to consider the items you will need to collect for the prank and what it will take for you to put everything together. That may even require doing a few things once they fall asleep the night before.

These are important steps before deciding which prank to pull on your partner, because who knows what the result may be! But if your relationship is always fun and giggles, than these April Fools' pranks will probably do just the trick (literally).

Paint Clear Nail Polish On A Bar Of Soap

Do you and your partner use bars of soap in the shower? Paint over the soap with clear nail polish for a non-sudsy shower!

Flour In The Hair Dryer

Put some flour in the hair drier for a very unexpected rush of wind!

Saran-Wrap The Door Way

Tape up a clear strip of saran wrap, and shock them your partner in the morning when they can’t seem to stumble into the bathroom.

Rip Out Your "Hair"

Wear some extensions in your hair, and purposefully get in a fight with your partner just so you can pull them out in “frustration.”

Talk In A Different Language

Are you bilingual? Talk in the language that your partner is unfamiliar with all day. When they ask you to start talking to them in your shared language, pretend like you don’t know what they’re talking about.

Pretend You've Been Visibly Pregnant For Months

Forget verbally faking the pregnancy, why not actually look pregnant? Convince your partner that you’ve been pregnant this whole time, and it must have just happened over night.

Serve Mayo-Filled Donuts For Breakfast

Fill a few plain doughnuts with mayonnaise!

Or, No Donuts At All

Buy a dozen doughnuts, but hide the doughnuts somewhere in the apartment. Leave the box out in a common place for your partner to easily grab in the morning.

Pretend to Have A Dog

Borrow your friend’s dog for the day, along with the dog’s accessories. When your partner gets home from work — pretend like you’ve always had a dog and it’s super normal that there’s another creature within your walls.

Toothpaste In Oreos

Always love sharing a late-night snack before bed? Serve your partner some Oreos and milk in bed, but swipe out the middle for toothpaste!

And hopefully, by the end of the day, your significant other will be telling you this: