Funny Dog Memes For National Pet Day

Matt Cardy/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Happy National Pet Day to you and your furry one. Or slimy one. Or feathered one. Or scaly one. Or prickly one. Or squishy one. Or spiny one. All pets! To celebrate, I suggest telling your pet how much you love it, throwing it a party in its honor, and then slipping into a deep web hole looking at cute dog memes because let's be real, dogs are the cutest pets and make the best memes.

Whether it's a side eye, a toothy grin or an epic nap pose, dogs rule the internet with their huge personalities and they don't even know it ... or do they? [Strokes imaginary beard while pondering.]

You don't have to be a dog person to appreciate a good dog meme. So instead of sending you off on a hunt into the dark abyss of the world wide web, I've done the searching for you. I know, I know, it's so selfless of me. It was so miserable spending a few hours rounding up pictures of dogs doing cute things for you. You can pay me back by appreciating this epically adorable list of cute fur balls doing cute things. Sorry, not sorry for irreparably distracting you from your work day, you can kiss productivity bye bye.

When Puppies Look Like Humans

It's crazy how sassy a puppy can look when they prop themselves up with their paw.

It's Just Not In The Budget

Things are just too tight right now for a cat ... and maybe it always will be.

You Lift?

Me too, stacks of pies.

A Cat Would Never Do This

Not to be a hater, but honestly, would a cat ever pick up anything other than a dead mouse? It's like this dog knows what it's carrying.

Who's A Good Boy?

It's not a mystery. You're a good boy, you are! It's you! You're the goodest!


Me too guys, yeah, me too!


To make fetch more interesting for us humans, we like to add in an element of psychological deception, just for fun!

Ruff Day

TBH this is all of us at some point on Sunday night tho, amirite?

I'll Have What She's Having

Maybe a ripe sock on rye? A pair of underwear with a side of kibble?

Every. Time.

My dog could hear the fridge open from a mile away. If you asked him what his favorite song is, it would probably be the sweet jingle of condiments in the refrigerator door.


I have so many half pictures of my dog's face that were accidental butt shots. I don't even delete them, I keep them as candids.

Feels Nice...

... to get a compliment every once in a while. Dogs like affirmations too.