Funny Instagram Captions To Post On National Best Friends Day

by Megan Shepherd

Huge news: June 8 is a very, very important day, for it is the day we celebrate the people in our life who rarely get enough credit — the people who know just what to say when things starts to feel heavy, who always have our back when things are going wrong with work or family, who understand the power of a well-timed cat meme or side eye emoji, people who know our favorite desserts by heart, and who are more than happy to spend hours on the couch with us doing absolutely nothing but gabbing. That's right, June 8 is National Best Friends Day, and I know you wanna celebrate. Need ideas? Nothing says "you da bomb" like a shout-out on social media. But if you want something that's more hahaha than heartwarming, these suggestions for funny Instagram captions to post on National Best Friends Day might come in handy.

The key to a good BFF day caption is specificity. Ideally, you'd be able to caption your photo with something that feels fitting and unique to you and your bestie. Inside jokes are well and good, but something goofy and punny lets everyone else in on the fun, too! Whichever way you decide to go, be sure to tag your bestie so they can get in on the fun.

1. "No New Friends Ever."

You know that saying, "make new friends, but keep the old ..." ? Yeah, forget about it. If you're ride or die with your bestie and aren't taking any new applications for the role, let the world know by posting it on Instagram.

2. "If These Bras Could Talk … "

If you've been with your bestie since you were both in training bras, well, that's some major longevity. Throw up a post of the two of you from waaaay back when for old times' sake.

3. "A Face Only A Bestie Could Love."

Got a funny face photo of your BFF? National Best Friends Day gives you a free pass to share embarrassing, belly laugh-inducing photos — all done in good spirit, of course!

4. "#RelationshipGoals"

If your best friendship is a tale as old as time, celebrate that! My main gal and I have been friends for nearly 20 years. That's longer than any other relationship either of us have shared outside of family! And you know what? You best believe I'll be giving our commitment some love on bestie day.

5. “OBFF (Obligatory Best Friends Forever).”

And on that note, maybe you've got some dear, old friends who have been around so long, they know you better than you know yourself. In fact, maybe you wouldn't even know what to do with yourself if they weren't around. At this point, you might as well call it like it is: obligatory best friends forever.

6. "Thanks For Always Giving Me Half Of Your Food."

I have one needy bestie who always needs to taste whatever I'm eating. And I love her for that ... mostly because I do the same thing. Our friendship is heavily influenced by whatever the other is eating at the moment, and whether or not she feels like sharing. Nine times out of 10, the answer is yes. That, my friends, is love.

7. “I’m The Mary, You’re The Rhoda.”

This caption lets you celebrate your dynamic duo-ship in two awesome ways: by celebrating Mary and Rhoda and Romy and Michelle. And if one of your followers doesn't get this reference, well, that probably explains why they aren't in your Natl. Bestie Day pic...

8. “Thanks For Always Telling Me When My Outfit Sucks.”

Remember that time when you put on those parachute pants that did absolutely nothing to accentuate your bangin' booty? And remember how your bestie told you? Not everyone would do that... give credit where credit is due and thank your BFF for their honesty.

9. “Breasties For The Resties”

Give your girl gang a punny shout-out on national bestie day that also celebrates your queendom. Yaaaaas, best!

10. "Forever The Schlemiel To My Schlimazel."

Make like Lavern and Shirley and post a funny photo of you and your bestie arm in arm in your purest forms. Aka, totally embracing the klutzy, unlucky gals that you are. After all, bumps in the road are always more fun when you've got a friend to laugh about them with.

11. “Thanks For Keeping All My Deep, Dark, Twisty Secrets."

"...(And as a reminder, you better keep that big mouth closed...)”

12. "Everyone Needs That One Friend Who Won't Judge You For What You Marathon On Netflix."

You know that friend who likes watching ridiculous TV while wearing a Snuggie just as much as you do? Yeah, thank her for that.

13) “Can’t Quit You, Wouldn't Ever Want To.”

Short, sweet, and to the point, sometimes our friends are like the crutches we didn't know we needed in life. Sure, they can be tricky to maneuver and a little tough at times... but at the end of the day, they hold us up when we can't support ourselves. If you've got a few friends like this, I'd say you're doing pretty well.