Funny Jokes To Share On Facebook For April Fools' Day, Because It's A Fun Day To Be Festive

Whether you love it or dread it, April Fools' Day is upon us. And it's undeniable that in this day and age, social media is usually the best place for jokes and tomfoolery. If you're looking for a few solid jokes to share on Facebook for April Fools' Day, you're not alone. Sometimes it's hard to feel a little creative — especially if you want to respect boundaries.

Let's get one thing out of the way. There are some jokes that are a little outdated or insensitive. Of course, you can do whatever you want to do, but I'd err on the side of caution regarding jokes about sensitive topics, like death or sexuality. Saying someone died will leave others devastated, and coming out is such a big and important deal for those who are truly LGBTQ+ that joking about it takes away how important it is for an individual. Got it?

The best jokes make people laugh, and make them feel a little silly. They're handcrafted to amuse and not hurt. But by keeping all these things in mind, you can definitely find something that will make you the queen of April Fools' Day this year.

Here are a few places you can start.

1. "I've Thought About It, And I'm Switching Back To MySpace."


No offense, MySpace. You still have a solid place in the hearts of many. I can speak for the community of millennials when I say that we'll never forget Tom's bright and shining smile and crisp white tee. This status will one-up any sort of "quitting Facebook" status you may see.

Even if it's not posted on Apr. 1, those types of empty threats are still usually seen as a joke. It's kind of hard to quit Facebook without feeling incredibly out of the loop.

2. The Day Before April Fools' Day (Or Right In The Morning) Change Your Birthday To Apr. 1


Your super close friends will figure it out, but expect a ton of happy birthday greetings from a bunch of people you haven't seen since high school. When Facebook announces a birthday, not a lot of people go out of their way to fact check it. Right before heading to bed, change it back and ask why so many people thought it was your milestone day.

3. Like Animals? Post A Status About Adopting 15 Dogs


Dog adoption is incredible, but most reputable shelters would put a limit on the amount of pups you can take home — especially since they want to make sure their dogs enter a loving situation where they can get a lot of attention. If you notoriously love animals, introduce your Facebook friends to your new crew — all 15 of them. If anyone asks, or assumes it's a typo, just tell them that "I saw their adorable faces and couldn't help myself."

It's believable, since that's how every person who ever walks into a shelter feels.

4. Swap Facebook Profile Photos With A Friend


And if you're daring, consider changing your name up as well. (But uh, be careful. Facebook only allows a certain amount of name changes, so you may be stuck with what you have for a bit.) Jokes are better when a buddy is involved, right?

Of course, if your friend just has a good sense of humor, they might be cool with you taking over their identity for the day. Just make sure to return it the same way you found it.

5. Come Clean About Your Real Name


You've been hiding the truth for too long. Take a picture of your ID (covering the revealing stuff like address, but leaving the name out in the open) and photoshop in a brand new name. The more ridiculous, the better. Copying and pasting a different name from ID photos online might also help. Re-upload the photo on your account, and tell people that it's finally time to be honest. Your real name is Flippy Wonderflig.

6. Fake A Tattoo


Don't just fake any tattoo — fake a bad tattoo. Either find a junky temporary, or find a Sharpie and a friend with a steady hand to make it look legit. You can also find a real one on the internet to post — just make sure it's not in a revealing place, so people might legitimately assume it's actually on your body. (At least for a minute or two, before logic kicks in.)

This prank is good, since it might just reveal the true friend who'll honestly tell you that you spelled a word like "opportunity" wrong. "No regerts," right?

7. Offer A Room Up For Rent


Everyone would love to have you as a roommate, so why not test the waters and see who's out there? When giving details of your free space, make sure to attach the absolute worst photos you can find. Make it look like you're an extreme hoarder who has absolutely no clue as to what a vacuum is. Don't make any mention of the mess in the text, and see what happens.

8. Showcase Your Dinner

You're totally about snapping photos of your food, and since you're somewhat of a master plater (all thanks to MasterChef of course.) Maybe for April Fools' Day, snap a photo of something absolutely disgusting. Or, a can of beans. And act really proud of it. Trust me, people will be confused.