Funny Super Bowl Memes For 2017

Tim Warner/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

I'm gonna be honest, y'all, I'm a Seahawks fan and I'm super salty about it. But I guess the only good thing about my team not making it to the Super Bowl is that they won't be besmirched in any of the funny Super Bowl memes for 2017, which are already (bless this internet) abundant AF, and probably about to get even more lit as game day approaches.

This does seem to be quite the meme-able year for the Super Bowl, especially considering some, er, feelings the rest of America has about the Patriots. While I can't say I personally have a stake in this Super Bowl, it does seem like a pretty fair portion of the country, regardless of their loyalties, are rooting for the Falcons just so the Patriots can lose. I think we can all agree, though, that the true winners of the Super Bowl are and will always remain: Left Shark, Puppy Monkey Baby, and whatever fresh horrors this year's new lineup brings.

So while you're waiting for your burgers to grill and for the shenanigans to begin, settle in for some quality Super Bowl meme-age to post on social media this weekend, starting with these gems.

For Those Of Us With #Priorities

Might have to keep you Pokerface on for this game, Gaga fans.

OK, Maybe We're A Little Bit Overexcited

But to be fair, we also don't play sports named after insects, soooo ...

The Sickest Burn Of All Burns

I mean, fair.

So About Those Patriots ...

Just went deaf in one ear, it's casual.

One Fact That Is Not At All Alternative

*weeps into my rent check*

No, The Internet Will Never Let This Die

Sorry, Steve.

When You Have No Stake In This Fight

To be honest, same.

For The Non-Sports Fans Out There


This Meme Will Also Probs Never Die

Courtesy of Super Bowl 50.

When You Just Want The World To Burn

Oh, Grumpy Cat. Never change.