You Will Want All Of The Swimsuits In GabiFresh's New Line

Swimsuits For All/ Instagram

Winter isn't coming, it's here. With below freezing temperatures in most of the country, thinking about warmer weather just seems down right painful right now. But more temperate weather is on it's way, and GabiFresh's Swimsuits For All resort line's reveal is going to have you looking forward to the warmer seasons.

On Jan. 9, Gregg debuted her latest collection with Swimsuits For All. The inclusive swimwear brand has been collaborating with Gregg since 2015, but each new collection is a new look into Gregg's designing prowess, and let's just say that it's impressive. From high waisted bikinis to animal print one-pieces and metallic hues, the latest pieces are on-trend and will (hopefully) soon to be in your closet.

According to The Curvy Fashionista, the images for the new line were shot in the gorgeous jungles of Belize, and Gregg was joined by models Erika Hart and Philomena Kwao who helped her showcase the stunning new collection. If the images are giving you life and you just can't wait to get your hands on them, don't worry. All of the pieces are up for pre-order on the Swimsuits For All website. With sizes going up to 24 with an H bra size, it's a great swimwear option for plus women.

If Gregg's name sounds familiar, it probably should. Her latest line with Swimsuits For All is certainly not her only accomplishment. In fact, she's a long-time plus size fashion blogger, and her collaborations with brands have not exactly been few and far between. Quite the opposite actually.

In 2017, Gregg teamed up with lingerie brand Playful Promises to launch a collection of gorgeous, plus-size intimates. The all-black pieces were size inclusive, sexy, and a major moment for the world of plus-size lingerie, a world that seriously needed expansion.

Then, of course, there's perhaps Gregg's biggest fashion moment, her own line with fellow plus-size blogger Nicolette Mason. Mason and Gregg teamed up to launch Premme, a line of plus inclusive, ultra-stylish, and on-trend pieces. While Gregg and Mason admitted that the fashion forward line isn't for everyone, the pair were still incredibly successful.

The brand launched in summer 2017, and the pair maintained a commitment to create pieces that were fashionable, not flattering. Gregg told Bustle, "We’re feminist and body positive women and we definitely do not agree with old-school fashion rules about what we can and cannot wear. In terms of ‘what looks great’ when you’re plus size, that doesn’t really cross our minds because we know that any trend can work for us."

Gregg's approach to fashion is what makes her the perfect person to create pieces for Swimsuits For All. She's commonly called the mother of the Fatkini, and her swimwear proves that this hasn't changed. While some would argue that plus women "shouldn't wear bikinis," Gregg vehemently said no in designing gorgeous two-piece swimwear, and now, her latest collection is here to slay.

The collection is not short of bikinis. The stunning white suit on Gregg is reminiscent of a wet white tee-shirt, and it's gorgeous. Of course, there's the gorgeous grommeted red two-piece and that stunning grey, cut-out on piece.

Check out these gorgeous leopard print pieces.

Then, there's also this stunning metallic teal that practically scream beach ready. That wrapped bikini top is yet another stunner, and hello, studded gorgeousness.

Gregg's latest Swimsuits For All line is yet another designing win for the plus activist and fashion star. With a diverse range of styles and great sizing options, it's the perfect swimwear for the upcoming warmer weather.