This 'The Space Between Us' Clip Is Too Cute

STX Entertainment

The Space Between is literally a story about star-crossed lovers. Gardner (Asa Butterfield) is just a regular teenage boy. He spends a lot of his time online, and watches movies. He also happens to be the only person to ever have been born and raised on Mars. In The Space Between Us, Gardner is tried of being the lone kid on Mars and travels for the first time to Earth to find his father and meet his online friend, Tulsa (Britt Robertson). And you can see Gardner and Tulsa meet for the first time in this exclusive The Space Between Us clip.

There are a lot of weirdos online, so it's not surprising that Tulsa doesn't initially believe Gardner's story about being from Mars. But, in this exclusive clip from The Space Between Us, she's not mad at Gardner for making up some crazy story about being born on Mars (which, for the record, is true). She's mad because he's been offline for seven months. It seems that, in the world of the film, while humans have been able to effectively colonize Mars, they haven't quite been able to speed up space travel. So, in between the time it took to travel back to Earth and getting all his medical tests done at NASA, Gardner's been away from his computer for too long.

In the clip, he learns his first lesson about Earth girls: don't ghost a woman unless you want to get slapped.

You'll have to wait until The Space Between Us hits theaters on Feb. 3 to see if Tulsa forgives him for ghosting. But something tells me that Gardner's got pretty good odds.