George Clooney Fell For Amal At Their First Meeting, To The Surprise Of No One

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I personally love reading about the first meetings of some of my favorite couples, famous or not. I guess you can call me a romantic sap, but there's something so special about hearing about the moments when people "just knew" they were meant for each other. For some it happens instantly, as was the case with George and Amal Clooney. George's father, Nick, has given more details into their first meeting, and it sounds as cute as you'd imagine. Essentially, Amal was her brilliant, charming self and George was immediately enchanted, because who wouldn't be by such a gorgeous, intelligent woman?

Speaking to People, Nick said that he and his wife, Nina, were at the Lake Como dinner party in Italy where George has said that the couple met, and he has all the details. He told People,

“Nina and I were actually the ones who answered the door when Amal came in. She introduced herself to us and we talked. She was obviously very charming, gorgeous and so clearly accomplished, but by the time we had supper that night, it was clear there was a kindness to her and an inclusiveness.”

Yup, she sounds as amazing as you'd think. He continued, “By the end of supper, I started looking over at Nina and saying, ‘Look ouuuut, this could be trouble for this young man!'” This is really adorable. Dad had a hunch, and he was clearly correct.

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Sometimes it just happens that quickly for people and sparks are almost actually visible. Nick continued,

“I really think by the time that first (meeting) was over, his and her fates were sealed, both of them. She was so remarkable and he was so remarkable around her. It was just different than all the other relationships I had seen him in... This young woman meant something to him almost immediately. It was just amazing.”

In the past, George did give hints that Amal immediately charmed him. According to HelloGiggles, he told The Late Show with David Letterman, "We met in Lake Como. She was a friend of a friend who came to visit and then I chased her for many months, calling and writing, those kinds of things."

There was no shame in his game, and clearly, it all worked out for the best as they're now married and parents to twins, Ella and Alexander. I guess sometimes it really can be that easy, so never turn down that dinner invite, y'all.