George Clooney Jokes That 'ER' Has Prepared Him For Fatherhood & He's Actually Not Totally Wrong — VIDEO

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If you think George Clooney needs practice just because he will soon become a first-time dad, then you are so wrong and have clearly never seen him work his magic on ER, where he played Dr. Doug Ross. While chatting with E! News at CinemaCon in Las Vegas Tuesday, George Clooney joked that ER has prepared him for fatherhood. After being asked if he needs pretty much all the practice in the world before his twins arrive, he was quick to note that he formerly played a TV doctor, which obviously makes him extremely well prepared.

"Hang on for a minute," he jabbed. "I played a pediatrician on ER." He then added, "So I know how to work on extra children." E!'s Marc Malkin then pointed out that playing a TV doctor and working on "extra children" isn't the same as changing diapers, but rather that's like knowing how to do "sutures." To that, Clooney replied, "If there's any accidents I'm there. I'm the guy."

Clooney's Suburbicon co-star Julianne Moore was there to back him up. She joked, "He's ready because he played a doctor on TV, and that's all you need." And Clooney said, "That's it." You see? He is beyond ready to be a dad and doesn't need any practice whatsoever.

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If you think about it, Clooney really does have parenthood practice thanks to ER. No, I'm not only referring to him playing a pediatrician. I'm referring to the fact that Clooney's character and Carol Hathaway (played be his real-life bestie Julianna Margulies) had twin girls named Kate and Tess in Season 6.

So, yeah, Clooney already knows what it's like to play a father to twins, which is pretty much the same thing as becoming a father in real life to twins. I'm just glad that one of his most famous roles is turning out to be so useful for him — even after all these years.

If you aren't picking up on my sarcasm, trust me, it's there. A TV part isn't really going to help someone prepare for parenthood, and it's great that Clooney has a supportive partner to help him along the way. That type of support is also something Doug and Carol showcased throughout their time on ER. They had many ups and downs, but they were always meant to be. Remember when Carol flew to Seattle to be with Doug once and for all? It still makes me swoon just thinking about it.


Really, the love Doug had for Carol is something Clooney's obviously taken to heart when it comes to Amal — and their future kids. ER has truly taught Clooney so much, hasn't it?