George Michael's Best Music Video Is A Powerful Take On Hollywood's Influence


When it was announced on Sunday that iconic singer George Michael had passed away at the age of 53, countless fans from across the globe were devastated. Michael had been a hugely influential figure in pop culture, having gained fame through the band Wham!, while later earning significant success as a solo artist. Many of the star's songs have become staples in popular music, from "Wake Me Up Before You Go Go" to "Careless Whisper," and his music videos, too, are iconic, with Michael's best music video, "Freedom! '90," deemed by many an all-time classic.

The third single from the 1990 album Listen Without Prejudice Vol. 1, "Freedom! '90," also known as just "Freedom," was a huge hit when it was released. Yet while the song itself, which focused on Michael's former success with Wham! and his new feelings about the music industry, was undoubtedly popular, it was the music video (directed by future Oscar-nominated director David Fincher) for it that'd go on to be truly iconic. Michael himself does not appear in the video — he'd famously decided by that point that he didn't want to appear on-camera for photos or videos — but several models do, including Linda Evangelista and Cindy Crawford. The women lip-sync the song, and images representing Michael's musical career, like his leather jacket and a jukebox, are seen exploding whenever the word "freedom" is said during the chorus.

It's a powerful, entertaining video, and it acts as a great representation of Michael's views on the music industry and pop culture overall at the time, with the models showcasing Hollywood's obsession with looks and fame. When remembering Michael, rewatch the "Freedom! '90" clip to see not only a great music video, but a symbol of the late artist's influence and passion during the peak of his career.