'Get Out's MTV Movie Awards Nominations Are Setting The Film Up For A Successful Awards Season

Jordan Peele hit a gold mine with his directorial debut, and Get Out is sure getting a head start on awards season. It's just been announced that the Blumhouse Production snagged six MTV Movie & TV Awards nominations. The 2017 thriller is holding its own against other highly anticipated flicks Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Logan, and Beauty and the Beast in the show's most coveted award category for "Movie of the Year," and we can all agree that its more than deserving. With the current political and morality climate we're in, this film couldn't have come at a better time. If taking the MTV Movie & TV Awards by storm serves as some preview into its fate, the momentum behind Get Out is setting the film up nicely for the rest of awards season.

I'm sure movie execs gave the Key & Peele star a side-eye when he came to the table with the script. A horror flick putting racism in the forefront with lily white folks as the antagonists? Yeah, Get Out was bound to ruffle quite a few feathers from the beginning. It's something that's never been done before on this large of a platform. And quite honestly, that's what attracted the world to the film.


Sure, it has its critics (and haters), but what can't be denied is its uncanny ability to show what racism is like in the new millennium — sans racial slurs and lynchings. And as far as I'm concerned, that's enough to take home all of the accolades coming its way.

Also taking note of Get Out's appeal is the academy. According to Variety, there have been quite a few rumblings that the thriller could snag some 2018 Oscar noms. Recognizing a film in the horror genre rarely happens at the event, but history has proven that it's definitely possible. Genre mate The Silence of the Lambs dominated the 1992 show with seven Academy Award nominations, and five wins. Get Out, and Jordan Peele, totally have what it takes to fill the shoes of its predecessor — becoming the first film in its genre to recognized by the academy in years. My fingers are crossed.