Ghirardelli Makes Mug Brownie Mixes Now & The 4 Flavors Will Make You Drool

Emma Lord/Bustle

Welp, it's officially time to call up all your friends and cancel your Friday night plans for the next year. Ghirardelli has brownie mug mixes now, and human friendship honestly never stood a chance. Sorry, that was misreporting on my part — Ghirardelli doesn't have brownie mug mixes, it has ~premium~ brownie mug mixes, per the outside of the box. And in case you thought you might venture out and consume any other variety of brownie again, the famed chocolate company has released a whopping total of four flavors to boot.

Brace yourself, because these are all an emotional journey waiting to happen: the four flavors include Dark Chocolate, Double Chocolate, Chocolate Peanut Butter, and — be still my chocolate trash heart — Salted Caramel. Each box comes with four individual pouches, which, per Ghirardelli, only take four teaspoons of water and approximately a minute in the microwave to ascend to its full majestic brownie mug form. They are all made with real Ghirardelli chocolate chips, so you can feel like a fancy pants without actually deigning to put said pants on your body.

Plus, it bakes in a mug, which means it's obviously an appropriate breakfast option for an adult woman to eat at her office desk, right?

Emma Lord/Bustle

These brownie mug mixes from Ghirardelli aren't brand spanking new, as some YouTubers and food bloggers were talking about them as early as May of this year. But only recently have consumers been spotting them prominently on shelves — including the consumer at this very keyboard, who encountered them on a recent trip to a Giant in Virginia. Food Instagrammer markie_devo, based in Brooklyn, also noticed them on shelves, so it seems the product is making the rounds.

If you're uncertain whether or not your local grocery store has them in stock, the good news is you have several options: each flavor is selling individually for $2.50 a pop on Walmart's website, and you can get it shipped straight to your door.

This is, of course, far from your only option for brownies in a mug, and also far from the first time Ghirardelli has entered the baking mix game. And while I haven't yet tried the brownie mix and can't speak to the end result, I am a lifelong addict of Ghirardelli's Dark Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix, which is, as the kids say, a game changer. By virtue of this, I am willing to bet that their brownie mug mix game is equally strong.

But if you're truly strapped for brownie mug options and unwilling to wait two days for a box of these to be shipped to your abode, you, my friend, are equipped with the power to shape your own brownie mug destiny — in fact, there are a whole slew of desserts you can make in a mug. I'm talking French toast in a mug, molten lava cake in a mug, oatmeal Nutella cake in a mug. That poor mug you've been wasting on coffee at your desk all this time is so full of infinite potential; won't you let it live up to its destiny and put copious amounts of sugar and butter in it?