Travis Mills & Rachel Lindsay Are Tracking Down "Ghosters" In Their New MTV Show

Jason Kempin/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

MTV's new show Ghosted: Love Gone Missing is basically the polar opposite of Catfish. Instead of trying to find someone that has wormed their way into someone else's life and get answers about why they lied, Ghosted investigates people who have abandoned someone without warning and tries to find answers about why they left. Each investigation is presented by Ghosted host Travis Mills, who, according to an interview he did with MTC, has some personal ghosting experience of his own.

"I was eighteen, and this girl messaged me on social media. She was Canadian [but] she was living in the States. Somehow, she made a joke that we should get married. My dumb ass was like, 'Okay, cool. I'll marry you so you can get citizenship,'" he explained. But after arriving in Las Vegas to tie the knot, he realized what a mistake it was. So he called his friend to fake a family emergency and left — and never spoke to her again. So, he's been there.

On Ghosted, Mills is joined by co-host and former Bachelorette star Rachel Lindsay to help people track down those that ghosted them, breaking down the moral implications of what they're doing along the way. Is there a chance that the ghoster got away from the ghostee because the ghostee was putting them in a bad situation? Will tracking the ghoster down truly bring the closure the ghostee is looking for? There are a lot of valid reasons people choose to set boundaries in relationships and sometimes — ghosting is the safest and best answer. Which means that the show could be putting someone in an awkward or dangerous situation.

Mills and Lindsay are responsible for maneuvering this ethical tightrope walk during each episode. It's a lot of responsibility for a former Bachelorette and a pop star.

Mills first rose to fame under the moniker T. Mills in the early 2010's with tracks like "She Got A..." and "Vans On." Since then, Mills has transitioned to acting, playing the role of Stefan in the Netflix original series Flaked and guest starring in the series Alone Together and Good Girls. As if claiming a spot in music and television wasn't enough, Mills also has a radio show on Beats 1 Radio and an podcast called ADHD w/ Travis Mills, where he interviews people of interest (including his Ghosted co-host Rachel Lindsay).

While Mills has amassed a successful following of his own, including over a million followers on Instagram, his success is shared with his longtime romantic partner Madelaine Petsch, best known for playing the role of Cheryl Blossom on Riverdale. Mills frequently appears in his partner's YouTube videos, including a recurring series where Mills is quizzed about what is going on in Riverdale.

The two have been intentionally public about their relationship. Petsch told Marie Claire, "I generally don't go public with relationships, but it was one of those things where, when you know you know. And I know with him." She added, "I feel like it's better to come out and be honest about what I'm doing than try to hide it; I don't feel any kind of protectiveness towards it when it comes to fans. We've got a very solid relationship. We're so open and honest with each other, and we communicate very well, and I want fans to see that I'm happy with somebody."

Obviously Petsch won't be ghosting Mills anytime soon, given how happy they seem to be with each other. But in the meantime, he and Lindsay will — hopefully — help other people get some answers.