Gia's 'Fuller House' Season 3 Appearance Comes With A Huge Surprise

by Nicole Pomarico

Over the show's two seasons, Fuller House has graced fans with so many updates on characters from the original show, and now, a longtime Full House guest star is coming back for more — even if D.J. wasn't too thrilled to see her again. In the premiere episode of Fuller House Season 3, Gia made a quick cameo appearance in the Tanner house, and even though she only dropped by for a couple of minutes, we did actually find out more about her life in 2017 than we did the first time she was on the show. Like that, in Fuller House, Gia has a daughter.

On Full House, Gia (played by Marla Sokoloff) was Stephanie's junior high BFF, even though she wasn't a very good influence on her. She often led Stephanie to trouble, even if she refused to smoke or engage in Gia's schemes... most of the time. They hated each other at first, but they quickly became good friends, despite the fact that Gia wasn't exactly the best friend in the world to Steph.

And although she appeared in a Season 2 episode of Fuller House when she and Stephanie try to get their former band, Girl Talk, back together, this time, we got to meet someone very important in her life: Her daughter.

In the first episode of Fuller House Season 3, D.J. sends Jackson to summer school so he can bring up one of his grades, and when he's there, he meets a rebellious girl named Rocki. After he falls asleep in class, Rocki draws all over his face, and her mom forces her to go to Jackson's house after school to apologize to him. And then, Rocki's mom walks into the house, and lo and behold, it's Gia.

From Gia's latest appearance, fans learned two things: How perfectly typical it is for her daughter to be such a troublemaker, just like her mom was... and the fact that she and D.J. are probably never going to get along, no matter how many years it's been since Gia almost ruined Steph's life.

In fact, Gia showing up in D.J.'s house is actually enough for her to kick her old friend out and lock the door — something that is generally unheard of in the Tanner/Fuller house — which makes sense, when you consider how much these two still hate each other.

It's good to see Gia again, though, for more than just the nostalgia factor. She may have seriously struggled as a teen, but now that she's all grown up, it seems like she's doing well and that she's probably a good mom... hopefully. Her kid did end up in summer school, but then again, so did D.J.'s, and she's obviously a great mom. And Gia made Rocki apologize for turning Jackson into a cat — something teenage Gia probably would have done herself and thought was hilarious.

Besides, there's something so poetic about the fact that Rocki is putting her through the same things Gia probably put her mom through as a kid. It's all coming full circle for her, and it's fun to see that even though she's older, (probably) wiser, and a mom herself, otherwise, not too much has changed for her. And apparently, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

This catch up with Gia was way too quick, so hopefully, she'll come back to Fuller House soon — and maybe, so will Rocki. It's a bummer that she and Stephanie didn't keep their friendship going all these years, but Steph has obviously matured a lot since they hung out together in middle school. Maybe it's for the best?