'Fuller House' Brought Back A Beloved Guest Star

Caution, SPOILERS for Fuller House Episode 7 ahead! Gia is back, Full House fans! In Fuller House Season 2, the original series' band Girl Talk reunited thanks to a little help from Stephanie, Kimmy, and D.J. That meant the show also brought Gia back for a Fuller House episode as she was Girl Talk's bass player. Although I could have used more Gia in the spinoff, her Episode 7 stint proved that any Gia is better than none.

In case you needed a refresher of Girl Talk (if you did, I'm not 100 percent sure why you are watching the Netflix revival series), Fuller House provided viewers with a clip from the original series of Gia, Kimmy, and Stephanie playing Ace of Base's "The Sign." It also included their drummer, who Stephanie said now plays drums for Beyoncé — so, needless to say, she wasn't down for the band reunion in the Fuller-Tanner-Gibbler basement. D.J. offered to play drums since she's an expert from playing the game Rock Band and Stephanie decided to call in her old bad influence friend Gia to fill out the band's ranks.

From first glance, it seemed that Gia had changed significantly from her peer-pressuring, "bad" girl days, but soon it became clear that not everything had changed. And, honestly, if she hadn't channeled her old self, what would have been the point? Marla Sokoloff jumped right back into playing Gia: The ultimate mean girl of the '90s. The band reunion wouldn't have even been worth it if Gia had been recast, like some other classic characters were (I'm looking at you, Nelson). Plus, seeing Stephanie and Gia recreate their old back-to-back moves while playing their instruments was exactly the type of nostalgia that fans expect from Fuller House.

If you ignore the fact that Stephanie has a career in music, I guess it was OK that Girl Talk still only knew how to play "The Sign." The reunion was far too short-lived for Gia fans like myself, but after an argument with D.J., she had to go back to raising her kids and doing charity walks. At least Gia and Stephanie will be hanging out for happy hour. Could Fuller House give fans an episode of that please? Because I'd like to see these two old friends drinking at a bar 20 years after seeing them smoking in the school bathroom.

Images: Michael Yarish/Netflix, Netflix