Gigi Hadid Can Add Sunglasses Designer To Her Resume

by Kali Borovic

She's walked the runway and created her own clothing line, so what's next for the model? Sunglasses! According to a social media announcement, Gigi Hadid and Vogue Eyewear teamed up for a three-piece collaboration to get you ready for summer in style. While the collection of eyewear might be small, it is mighty and so unexpected.

When you hear the words "model" and "eyewear collab," you probably think the most cutting edge, trendy styles, right? Well, not this time. According to the website, Hadid drew her inspiration from the '90s and it shows. She created three sunnies and one pair of glasses that are a serious blast from the past. I'm talking over-sized cat eyes, bulky aviators, and small round lenses. Not exactly what I was expecting, but still pretty darn fabulous.

Don't think that you just have three buying options though. Each style comes in four different color selections, so really this is one heck of a collection. The sunglasses come in pink, blue, brown, and black lenses, while the actual glasses offer four different colored rims. According to Sunglass Hut, each of the four styles are available for pre-sale right now, and are priced at $139.95 each. There's no word on when they will actually ship.

Hadid is no stranger to sunglasses, either. She's constantly rocking a new pair and creating her own trends, so the collab makes perfect sense. "If you know my obsession (and collection) with glasses, you know how much this means to me!" Hadid wrote in her Instagram post announcing the project.

The sunglasses take all of the best '90s trends and make them new again. Personally, I love that she stuck to the theme throughout the entire collection. Here's a look at every single style, so you can shop wisely.


0VO4083S, $140, Sunglass Hut

You've probably seen this style in old family photos, but never this chic.

2. Colored Cat-Eyes

VO5211S, $140, Sunglass Hut

These are my favorite from the collection. The old-meets-new-school shape makes a bold statement.

3. Round-Lenses

VO4082S, $140, Sunglass Hut

It doesn't get more '90s than this, my friends.

There's no telling how long it will take for these shades to sellout, so you should stock up during pre-sale while you still can!