This T-Shirt Is Made From Trash & Saves 682 Gallons Of Water

by Kali Borovic

Girlfriend Collective went from saving plastic bottles with leggings to saving unwanted cotton with tees. The brand's Cupro Collection is made from cotton waste that the cotton industry leaves behind and saves 682 gallons per shirt. As if that's not enough, the brand also donates profits from the tee to an organization to make up for their possible water waste.

Since the beginning of Girlfriend Collective has gone above and beyond to make what they create good for you and the planet. It all started when they were giving away (yes, really) leggings made from plastic bottles before they even launched. Now that the brand is in full swing, not much has changed. Well, except for the giving away aspect.

The brand created its Cupro Collection out of fabric that no one else wanted to use. To be more specific, it uses, as the name suggests, cupro — a fiber that sticks to cotton seeds and is usually downcycled or thrown into landfills, according to the brand. Pair that with a zero-waste facility and you have the ultimate sustainable tee.

"Our cupro yarn is made in a zero-waste, zero-emission facility in Japan, then constructed in Hanoi, Vietnam, at our SA8000 certified factory that uses no forced or child labor and offers the right for workers to collectively bargain and join unions," the website reads.

The Culpo Collection is, well, really just a collection of different colored t-shirts. Instead of making an entire outfit of the unwanted fabric, they decided to start with a really comfortable, cropped tee in four different shades. There's Dusty Rose, Pebble, Smoke, and Cherry. The tee is also breathable and hypoallergenic, or, as the brand describes it, "the coziest, easiest, most sustainable workout tee there is."

You can snag one for yourself on the Girlfriend Collective website right now. The top comes in sizes XXS to 3X, and, no matter which size you choose, you'll pay $28. Compared to other sustainable brands on the market, this is pretty darn affordable. Not to mention that you can feel great giving this fabric a new life.

There is one catch to the entire collection. According to the website, the Jane Tee will shrink slightly vertically the first time that you wash it. Just make sure that you order a size up, if you don't like your crop tops extra cropped.

The zero-waste, zero-emission yarn used to make the top is just the beginning too. Not only do they use product waste and an eco-friendly facility to make the clothing, but the brand also gives back with every purchase. According to the website, Girlfriend Collective is donating 10 percent of profits from every tee to offset any water used in the manufacturing process.

So not only does the shirt save and average of 682 gallons of water, but it also helps to make water more accessible for all. At first glance, this looks like your traditional, plain tee. Deep down it's anything but traditional.

"Our sheer and slubby cupro is made from waste the cotton industry leaves behind, making each piece special, unique, and, occasionally, with a few slight irregularities," the website reads.

The brand states that it's perfect for working out or lounging around. Versatility is the cherry on top of a great collection.

Girlfriend Collective started changing the fashion world with its recycled polyester and isn't stopping any time soon — the Cupro Collection is proof. The designs might not be cutting edge or ahead of the high-fashion world, but these are great clothing that you can feel good about wearing. If this is the future of fashion, it looks pretty darn bright.