GlamGlow's BOGO Sale Is Can't Miss For This Reason

BOGO sales are always a thrill for beauty obsessives and shopaholics. When you have a "buy one, get one free" experience, it's exciting. GlamGlow's BOGO sale is here and it's better than ever and than most. Why is that?

Let's dialogue, shall we?

On the surface, this may sound ungrateful, but hear me out. If a brand or a retailer's BOGO item isn't something you normally use, like, want, or need, it can be a bit of a bust, a waste, or a total crap shoot.

Or it can be a sample size, which you use once or twice without getting the full feel for the product.

Trust me, I get it. Why would anyone bemoan a free gift, especially in the beauty space? It doesn't cost you anything and there's no real commitment. Plus, if you end up loving the free item, it's you, FTW. If not, pass it on to someone else.

That said, GLAMGLOW's BOGO sale is epic because you get a free, full-sized item and you get to pick your freebie. That's precisely why it's so maj. The fact that you can spend some cash on your fave GLAMGLOW stuff and then choose your freebie is more than enough to encourage you to hit the skincare brand's site for a haul.

See the fine print in the Insta post.

Start thinking about what GG products you want to sock in your vanity and use on your face.

Courtesy of GLAMGLOW

This screen grab from the top of the GLAMGLOW site reveals additional details about the BOGO sale, which truly is more of an event than just a sale. You can get up to four free items. The sale is live through Monday, Jun. 12 at 11:59 p.m. If you are East Coast-based and a night owl, the event runs to nearly 3 a.m.

Happy shopping, since this sale doesn't last forevs and the event has an ending in sight.