Glitter Tongue Is The Newest Look No One Asked For But Everyone Needs

There are a ton of beauty looks out there that are super fun to dabble in, but no one actually needs. One of such looks is the new glitter tongue trend. Seeing how makeup is just as much of a creative outlet as a primping tool, there are so many shades, trends, and palettes out there that might not be conducive to a person's day to day, but people play with them for the sole fact that they're fun. Sometimes a person wants to get weird and explore metallic blue lipstick or paint on galaxy freckles for no other reason than it's something new. Enter glitter tongue: The next look no one asked for but everyone needs.

It's in no way practical, but neither was the glitter butt trend or the glitter beard look. It's just plain fun. The trend didn't start with a makeup artist thinking, "Hmm, you know what we need to highlight? The tongue," but rather, it came to fruition as an accident. It turns out the idea sprang up when an application of sparkly lipstick went awry. "Australian makeup artist Jacinta Vukovic accidentally created glitter tongue when some sparkles mistakenly got onto her tongue during the creation of a metallic lip look," Allure reported.

Rather than wiping it off she liked the way it gave an unexpected dose of sparkle, and decided to roll with it. After that, a new social media trend was born. You can probably imagine that this isn't the best look for a long night of drinks or an evening of stepping out for dinner. But if you want to stage a fun photo or two or want some amazing pics at the beginning of a festival, stocking up on some non-toxic, eco-friendly glitter is a great choice.

But don't just go to your local craft store and swirl your tongue around in a jar of sparkles. You need some edible glitter, and you can get that anywhere from makeup stores to the baking aisle — the sparkles used on cakes will definitely be okay to consume!

"Eating small amounts of glitter, which are made of tiny plastic pieces, every once in a while isn't harmful, but there's always risks with anything. In this case, a stomachache," Andrea Whittle, a makeup artist at KARMA Salon with 20 years experience, tells Bustle. That's why she recommends sticking to cake decorating glitter, because it's specifically manufactured to be consumed.

But even though it's a playful trend, she believes that's all it is: A quick fad. "In my personal opinion, this trend will be around as long as it takes to digest glitter," she predicts. You might as well play with it while you can!