Glossier's Super Serums Now Come In Bigger Bottles — For The Same Price


Glossier has been on a roll lately with releasing new products, and now its bringing back an old favorite in a more generous size. Glossier is relaunching The Supers serums in bigger bottles, all without increasing the price. This means that you get more product without having to shell out more money.

The Supers originally launched in 2016, and the three serums were packed with essential vitamins that help skin transform with vital nutrition. The serums were meant to simplify your skincare routine, where the products helped to cut back on the confusion of serum layering and deliver you clear results with just one product. To help them work even better, Glossier reformulated the products this May and gave the packaging a face lift.

Now all three serums have an increase in the percentage of key ingredients, giving you more noticeable results, faster. The packaging now also comes in more colorful bottles, making the trio true shelfie contenders.

The three skin-saving products are Super Pure, Super Bounce, and Super Glow. They clock in at $28 a bottle just like in 2016, but the size they are offered in has doubled. The weight went from 0.5 ounces up to one ounce, giving you double the product for no additional cost.

According to Allure, the Super Pure serum has been the best seller out of the three. The serum helps blemish-prone complexions even out, and gets grease under control. It has two active ingredients: niacinamide (which has been bumped up to five percent) and Zinc PCA. The niacinamide gets to work on uneven texture wile the zinc tackles pimples and reduces oil. Grab it a week before your period starts, or after a late night binge of tacos after one too many rounds at happy hour.

Super Glow will help you battle back the dull look of a tired complexion. It's packed with Vitamin C and magnesium, which works to even out the look of dark spots without irritation. According to Glossier, it's perfect to use after late nights at the office or 4 AM Instagram holes.

If you have tight, dehydrated skin, then Super Bounce will come to the rescue. The serum will deliver a heavy dose of moisture to your skin without leaving behind a greasy residue that will throw off your makeup routine. Its two main active ingredients are Hyaluronic Acid (which has been upped to two percent) and Pro-Vitamin B5. This is a must-have during AC-blasted offices in the summer, sunburned days on the weekends, or after a long flight to your next summer getaway.

While the bottles still cost the same as they did back in 2016, you can still have a chance for even more savings. If you splurge and buy the bundled pack of all three, you will save yourself $19. The Super Pack of all three serums costs $65.

Glossier is always there for fans when it comes to their most pressing skin needs. Whether you have dry skin from trying on a clay mask, or need some help getting an oily t-zone under control, The Supers have your back.