You Can Finally Get Discounted Boy Brow At Glossier's Black Friday Sale

John Sciulli/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If your beauty and skincare supply has been running low, hold out another few days until Black Friday to restock and save some major dough at the same time. The 2017 Glossier Black Friday sale is going to be kind to your wallet, allowing you to replenish your cult-favorites and try some new ones. From Thursday, Nov. 23 to Monday Nov. 27, Glossier will be offering 20 percent off store wide, with the added bonus of free shipping. And you won't even need a code.

That means that the brand's Cloud Paint blush will be knocked down in price from $18 to $14, which will let you create a natural, healthy flush that never looks streaky or too pigmented. Glossier's popular eyebrow shaper, Boy Brow, will also be reduced from $16 to $13, which gives you a defined brow without looking gelled or flaky.

This is your chance to try a bevvy of new products from the brand, if you haven't had room in your budget for a splurge. For example, the Wowder powder foundation helps nix oil and shine on the days you would prefer a more matte, less dewy finish. It's usually $22, but will be $18 on Black Friday. Then, there's the clear Balm Dotcom, which can act as lip balm, shine for the eyelids, or a natural highlighter for the cheekbones. It's usually $12, but will be $9.50. Check out some of the picks below to get you inspired and pumped to shop.

Priming Moisturizer

Priming Moisturizer, $22, Glossier

If you're looking for a light-weight face lotion that doesn't leave your skin greasy after applying it, the Priming Moisturizer is perfect. It's meant to visibly plump up your skin with moisture, minimize redness, even out your skin tone, and create the perfect primer base for your makeup. It will blur out your pores a tad as well, without using all the heavy blurring and priming ingredients found in other cosmetics.

You'll feel dewy and balanced afterwards, letting you start your day with your freshest face forward.

Haloscope Face Highlighter

Haloscope Face Highlighter, $22, Glossier

This highlighter is a special mix of skincare and makeup. It not only makes your cheekbones light up, but also soothes and moisturizes your skin. Its formula has two jobs: The outer halo is infused with crystal extracts that give your cheeks that blinding sheen, and the core of the stick is made of vitamin-rich moisturizers that give you that healthy, dewy finish.

Boy Brow

Boy Brow, $16, Glossier

This product is a cult favorite for a reason. It thickens, fills in, and grooms your brows into place. Rather than turning your arches into stiff, gel-like messes, Boy Brow uses the creamy wax formula inspired by hair pomades for a flexible hold that doesn't flake or get crunchy.

There are four colors to choose from: blonde, brown, and black give your arches a boost of color, while the clear option lets you skip the pigment but keep the hold.

Cloud Paint

Cloud Paint, $18, Glossier

Featuring a gel-cream formula, this blush is meant to be user-friendly and accident-proof. You're meant to dab it onto your cheeks and slowly build your color. Since it's seamless and sheer, you can't accidentally put too much on. It's light as a cloud and the colors are inspired by the gradient pinks in NYC sunsets, making you really glow.

Milky Jelly Cleanser

Milky Jelly Cleanser, $18, Glossier

This cleanser is a two for one deal. If you use it on dry skin, it will dissolve away any old makeup or grime buildup. But if you use it on wet skin, it turns into a face cleanser. The wash is also pH-balanced and has a blend of five skin conditioners, so your face never feels tight after using it. Just soft and oh so clean.

All of these products and more will be 20 percent off on Black Friday, so go wild. Your bank account won't mind.