This 'O.C.' Alum Is Heading To 'Grace & Frankie'

Sometimes you think it's just going to be another ordinary day, and then you find out Sandy Cohen is going to be on Grace and Frankie, and your brain does that thing it does when you drink free champagne too fast. No, not crying mascara onto your best friend's shoulder — I mean you get euphoric and lightheaded. Because Sandy frickin' Cohen, aka Peter Gallagher (the actor behind the best dad on The O.C.), starring alongside two of Hollywood's most formidable women? This makes so much sense.

OK, but let's rewind a little: Entertainment Weekly revealed that Gallagher will be appearing on Grace and Frankie Season 3, ostensibly just as a rival sex toy business owner (how many sex toy businesses are there in San Diego?). But the promo photo suggests nope, this is going to be so much more. Peep the picture below and try to tell me they're going to let one of the most handsome actors of his generation star on the show in a purely platonic role.

Of course, I genuinely believe that Gallagher will engage in a tense battle of wits with Jane Fonda. And there's no possibility that, in tried-and-tested romantic-comedy fashion, their tense relationship with each other will evolve into sexual tension. Obviously they will retain a strictly business-only relationship... Just kidding. I doubt it.

To further explore this possibility, I have done the thing you wanted to do and researched their ages. Gallagher is 61 to Fonda's 79, but age is just a number. It's 2017 and Fonda is an undeniable beauty who once played "the most beautiful creature of the future" Barbarella, so that's not an argument that's going to contradict my theory. And maybe you want me to consider the possibility that Frankie (played by Lily Tomlin) will end up smooching with the as-of-yet unnamed businessman, not Grace, but again: Please refer to the photo.

If it was purely going to be a purely business stand-off, wouldn't they have put the anti-capitalist Frankie opposite him, staring him down? Isn't a handsome well-groomed businessman exactly who you'd expect Grace to go after? So give in to the predictable contours of your favorite TV shows. In short, trust me, this is going to venture into well-trodden romantic-comedy territory.

It's hard to imagine the man we formerly knew as feminist Sandy Cohen getting aggressive about the sex toy industry with two of the sweetest women you ever did see, but if it leads to Gallagher's character and Grace solving things between the sheets, I'm a very big fan of this cameo.