'Westworld' Revealed Grace's Identity, But Fans Still Don't Know Her Game

John P. Johnson/HBO

Spoilers ahead for the May 13 episode of Westworld. Season 2's third episode did such a stellar job of introducing Grace (Katja Herbers) as a compelling new character that it felt like a bummer when a tiger seemingly killed her at the end of the opening sequence. Fortunately, she's still alive, and the reveal that Grace is William's daughter on Westworld is a satisfying — if not wholly unexpected — twist that will help bring even more friction and drama to the show's sophomore season. The fact that the villainous Man in Black's estranged daughter is now roaming around the park will give the writers even more ways to explore the history and secrets hidden inside Westworld.

Although Grace was captured by the Ghost Nation after washing up in Westworld at the end of "Virtù E Fortuna," her tenure with the mysterious tribe of hosts is relatively short-lived. She meets up with kidnapped security chief Ashley Stubbs — as well as the insufferable husband and wife viewers may remember from Season 1 — and all the captives are taken to the Ghost Nation leader Akecheta. Although Grace quickly and resourcefully escapes her bondage and runs away into the night, it turns out she needn't have feared; Akecheta releases all the hostages anyway.

(This development plays into the fan theory that the Ghost Nation has been re-programmed to protect human guests from the rebellion, as previously evidenced by the fact that they tried to take Lee Sizemore from Maeve and that Dolores is later seen gunning them down.)

John P. Johnson/HBO

In true form, fans on Reddit managed to accurately predict a twist before it happened: the theory that Grace was actually William's daughter Emily was one of the quickest to pop up in the wake of Episode 3. (Thankfully, viewers only had to wait one week for confirmation of this theory, rather than an entire season.) But even though the revelation might not have come as a surprise to some, it's actually the best kind of twist: it doesn't string the audience along for too long, it makes sense in context, and it promises exciting things for the future of the show.

For one thing, William will now have a human sparring partner for his adventures through Westworld. Most of his storyline in Season 1 and Season 2 so far has involved interacting with hosts he knows well from previous visits to the park; one of his best scenes in the first season was his unexpected tête-à-tête with Robert Ford, when the Westworld creator popped into the park to warn William against pursuing the maze. Giving William a human character who won't act in predictable pre-programmed ways will bring a welcome freshness to his scenes.

Furthermore, Grace appears to be on her own quest that may or may not dovetail with her father's pursuit to undo his "greatest mistake." No matter what she tells handsome suitors, Grace wasn't in Raj World just to hunt Bengal tigers. She was closely guarding a notebook, and when viewers got a quick glimpse inside, it seems to contain a map of the park Grace has been working on. The most intriguing bit are the two interlocking hexagons, which bear a very close resemblance to the logo on the doors, computers, and lab coats in the secret lab that Bernard and Elsie explored in this episode — where William was working on perfecting a clone version of Jim Delos.


Why is Grace — or Emily, to use her real name — trying to track down her father's secret cloning facility? Is she trying to undo her father's work? Exploit it for her own uses? Given that William referred to the lab as containing his biggest mistake, are he and his daughter actually working towards the same goal? If so, how long will it take the estranged family members to realize that?

Grace's true identity may not have been the biggest shock, but it's already generating plenty of juicy conflict for the episodes ahead.