This Greeting Card App Is Offering The Cutest Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Cards


Valentine's Day is a holiday dedicated to celebrating love of all kinds: romantic love between life partners, platonic love between friends, and even the love you have for family members. What's not to like about that? Well, apparently, a lot — there are plenty of people out there who aren't a big fan of this holiday, and a lot of that has to do with the huge expectations that come with it. That's exactly what the greeting card app Givingli is offering: cute Valentine's Day cards that are the cutest kind of last-minute present to give anyone in your life this year.

Feb. 14 should be all about showing love, but for a lot of people, it becomes a competition: who can receive the most extravagant gift, who can get the biggest bouquet of flowers, who can plan the most elaborate date night. Social media doesn't help — in fact, it probably only makes it worse! On top of these expectations, there's the fact that the holiday comes up so fast: One minute, February just started, the next, it's Valentine's Day! It comes up so quickly that it's easy to forget to do your planning, and to end up with nothing good on the actual holiday... which probably isn't the spot you want to be in. Luckily, we live in 2019, where many apps exist that can make your life, and Valentine's Day, a whole lot easier.

Givingli is a perfect example. It allows you to send beautiful customized greeting cards and gifts straight from your phone, and there are both free and paid options — but the most you'll end up paying is just over a dollar for a card, so it's not a massive purchase. That means you can send someone in your life a loving message they'll truly appreciate without rushing to the store and searching through an empty card aisle for anything good.

These aren't just your average, boring greeting cards, either. They're all hand illustrated by stationary designers, they feature gorgeous illustrations and adorable quotes, and can be totally customized to make them seem super personal. Once you pick a design, you can add pictures, your own personalized message, a sticker, and even a little sketch you do yourself. You can also pick out the "envelope" it comes in.

Mélanie Johnsson

These greeting cards are great for a significant other, of course (and the customization will make it so they don't even realize you waited until the last minute to send something), but they're also perfect for sending to friends. A greeting card to a friend on Valentine's Day might not be something you think of doing, but it will show your friends exactly how much you love and care about them, which is a message anyone could use.

Mélanie Johnsson

Givingli is great if you just want to send a card, but if you want to do something a little extra, you can also send a gift as well. The app allows you to choose gifts from major retailers like Ulta, Gap, AMC, and Bed Bath & Beyond. Everything gets sent in a text message so it's super convenient and cute.

Mélanie Johnsson

Another thing to note is that Givingli isn't just ideal for Valentine's Day. There are lots of designs on the site that allow you to send these for just about any occasion, whether it's a birthday, a thank you, a holiday, or a "just because" type of deal. It's a really nice way to send a little love to the people you appreciate in your life.

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You can download Givingli on the app store and start sending all of your Valentine's Day cards ASAP.