'Grimm' Fans Should Watch These Shows

Allyson Riggs/NBC

For the last five years, NBC has quietly let Grimm become one of its drama cornerstones. It predates the weepy mania for This Is Us, the constant twists of Blindspot, and even the Blacklist franchise. Unfortunately, after its Season 6 finale, Grimm won't return for more episodes, bringing its multi-season reign to an end. And, while there are plenty of other shows that predate Grimm that had supernatural elements, the show certainly played a part in the full-on embrace of genre in all types of shows, including network procedurals. The same way Grimm married the weekly cop/investigation formula with creatures from fairy tales, so too do lots of different shows right now incorporate an established TV structure with some otherworldly elements like magic or supernatural creatures.

And while the series finale wasn't exactly a huge shocker, given the show's long runtime, if you really can't handle the thought of losing the series, you can pick up some of the show's many props in the Grimm prop auction through ScreenBid. But if you're just going to miss having something exiting to watch every week, here are a few other shows that could replace Grimm in your weekly TV line-up.

American Gods

From Hannibal creator Brian Fuller, who managed to make the most Gothic-Romantic network TV show ever, this Starz series is adapted from Neil Gaiman's graphic novel of the same name, and it will surely mix different TV conventions with both creators' passion for philosophical digressions.


The second season won't premiere on AMC until summer 2017, but the first season will be popping up on Hulu in April, making it a good time to try this drama, which mixes vampires, Western tropes, and a whole lot of sacrilege.

The Magicians

Don't sleep on this show, which is really blossoming in its second season. It's a great ensemble dramedy with a rip-roaring story about a group of young wizards figuring out their magical abilities.


Trippy visuals and an irregular structure might slightly obscure that this show, which is one of the best adaptations of outlandish 1990s comic books I've ever seen, actually has a lot of recognizable coming-of-age themes on its mind. And like the best X-Men adaptations, it has lots of themes roiling underneath the surface about mental illness, the duality of identity, the permeability of memory, and more.

The Handmaid's Tale

This might be a bit dark for Grimm fans, but Margaret Atwood's speculative science fiction masterpiece is being adapted into a Hulu series that is mixing the dystopian society's repression with some realistic, down-to-earth political commentary.

Everything CW

If you're looking for a perfect crossroads between a procedural and a genre series, look no further than literally everything on the CW (save, perhaps Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and Jane the Virgin). From the whole DC-CW-universe to iZombie and The 100, this network is filled with lots of Grimm-like dramas. You should certainly be able to find something to replace Grimm here after its series finale.