‘Bachelor’ Nation’s Grocery Store Joe & Kendall Had Their Most *Magical* Date Yet

Paul Hebert/ABC

Just in case you were worried that Bachelor in Paradise couple Grocery Store Joe Amabile and Kendall Long couldn't possibly get any cuter, wait 'til you see the photos from their most recent date. This week, Kendall and Grocery Store Joe went to a Harry Potter-themed pub in London, and not only are the resulting pictures adorable, but they're enough to make any Hogwarts fan super jealous of their experience.

If you've been following along with Kendall and Joe's adventures on social media (and if you're not, you should be, because they look like so much fun), the couple has been traveling around Europe lately. After making stops in France and the Netherlands, they've now landed in London, and if you're not living your best Harry Potter life in London, what are you doing?

Their newest photo came Thursday, taken from a pub called The Cauldron. Joe and Kendall are wearing purple and black robes, and they look like they're learning to cast spells — they even have wands. And best of all, they look so happy to be having fun together, but with these two, isn't that always the case?

"Officially wizards after our potion class," Kendall wrote in her caption.

First of all, if you're a Harry Potter fan, you know how cool this pub is. Second of all, how adorable is this couple? Yes, Bachelor fans definitely fell in love with them on BiP, but none of us could have predicted how strong this relationship would still be going almost a year after they met on the show.

Most importantly, Kendall also answered a vital question for us all. In the comments on her post, someone asked her what Hogwarts house she belongs to, assuming that she was a Hufflepuff, and as it turned out, that assumption was correct.

"You know me too well!" Kendall replied. "I say Hufflepuff for sure."

Being that Hufflepuffs are known for their loyalty and patience, we can totally see why that would apply to Kendall. But where does Joe belong? He might just be a Hufflepuff, too.


Kendall also shared a post on her Instagram Story of her and Joe getting super mysterious in the pub:

keykendall88/Instagram Story

And Joe shared a similar update on his Instagram Story as well.

"All I wanted to do was have an afternoon beer, and this is where I end up," he said, showing off The Cauldron to his followers as Kendall excitedly waved her wand around in the background. They may have even been creating their own drinks in potions class, which makes the pub even cooler. Can we please get establishments like this in America ASAP?

joeamabile1/Instagram Story

Will fans ever get enough of Kendall and Joe's adorable Instagram posts? Probably not, so these two better keep 'em coming. Everything about their European adventure has been so much fun to follow along with, and even though a Harry Potter pub might have been the pinnacle of the trip, there's probably a lot more to look forward to.