Chris Pratt Just Spilled A Huge 'Guardians 3' Detail & It Could Change EVERYTHING For 'Avengers 4'

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Warning: Infinity War spoilers ahead! Most Marvel fans went into Infinity War knowing that major character deaths would not only be possible, but highly probable. However, that didn't make Gamora's death any less heartbreaking to watch. Thanos sacrificed her life in order to get his hands on the Soul Stone, and while viewers are hoping her tragic fate can somehow be undone when Avengers 4 is released, Chris Pratt recently shared a teaser that may nix that theory altogether. According to Pratt, Guardians of the Galaxy 3 could be a prequel, therein allowing Gamora to return to the franchise without necessarily altering the events of Infinity War.

The subject of the third GOTG movie came up on the red carpet at the 2018 MTV Movie and TV Awards, where Pratt received this year's Generation Award. MTV asked the Star Lord actor for any teasers he could give, which is when Pratt indicated that the third installment of the beloved franchise "might take place in the past." This, obviously, comes as a bit of a shock to those who have been keeping up with all things Marvel, especially since James Gunn, who is serving as a writer and the director for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, has constantly assured fans that GOTG 3 will take place after Infinity War, not before.

So which teaser is more accurate? It's possible Pratt is simply trying to throw viewers off the scent by throwing a prequel option out there. However, it's also equally possible that he really just doesn't know what lies in store for for the future of any of these characters. Either way, it's important to take all of these quotes with a grain of salt. But if the prequel idea really is on the table, that could completely change everything you thought you knew about Gamora's future within the franchise, along with countless other Guardian favorites.

After killing Gamora and collecting the rest of the other six Infinity Stones, Thanos snapped his fingers and wiped out half of the population of the universe. Those who disappeared into dust included the likes of Star-Lord, Drax, Groot, and Mantis, leaving Rocket and Nebula as the only remaining survivors in the Guardians franchise. Numerous fans have theorized that many (if not all) of the characters who died at the end of the Infinity War can somehow be saved. The existence of the Time Stone alone offers a great deal of hope since it could be used to go back in time and reverse Thanos' actions that led to all of these devastating deaths. But that wasn't the only glimmer of hope fans had at their disposal.

Considering a third Guardians of the Galaxy movie had already been confirmed, many took that as evidence to mean those characters wouldn't remain dead for long. After all, how can you have another Guardians movie without most of the Guardians? A prequel would obliterate that assurance since it would allow all of the main members to return without undoing their Infinity War fate.

It's not a very reassuring prospect, to say the least, and will most definitely make fans more nervous than they were before Pratt offered up this prequel possibility. Of course, that doesn't mean that some members won't still be saved in Avengers 4, but considering Gamora's death took place well before Thanos snapped his fingers, her death could prove to be more permanent.

Then again, that scene between Thanos and Young Gamora just after he snapped his fingers and was briefly transported to another plane of existence could indicate that she's still alive within the Soul Stone. Otherwise, why was that scene included at all? So all hope may not be lost, after all. Even so, just knowing that a GOTG prequel is on the table makes the fate of these Guardians feel a little less certain. Fans might want to start stocking up on tissues just in case.