H&M Just Released Its Holiday Commercial & It Includes Nicki Minaj In A Turtleneck

by Summer Arlexis

You've got to give it up to H&M for some of the best collaborations. Whether it's the H&M x Balmain mashup or the Alexander Wang collection, the retailer always comes through with upscale fashion for discounted prices. Tapping the Barbz for their next partnership, H&M just released a holiday commercial starring Nicki Minaj that's an absolute must-see.

It's not the fact that Minaj is debuting a collection with H&M that's a total shocker. After all, all signs pointed towards a collab with the rapper when Nicki Minaj wore custom H&M to the 2017 Met Gala. What's really making making the holiday teaser buzzworthy is what Minaj is wearing in the campaign film. The subversive rapper known so well for her colorful wigs, curve-hugging dresses, and sky-high stilettos is actually toning it all the way down in "mom" fashions.

The rap superstar, who wore the craziest VMAs outfit of all time, swapped her over-the-top wardrobe for an oversized turtleneck and a conservative, low bun. It's Nicki Minaj on a whole new level that no one could have predicted.

The 12-second teaser gives hardly enough time to wrap your head around the concept of the Head-Barbie-In-Charge as a bedtime story reading, hot cocoa sipping mother. It's a lot to take in all at once — especially the fact that she looks so darn fab. It's obvious that Nicki Minaj can seriously pull off any look, whether it's a pink latex bodysuit or the coziest-looking sweater. Homegirl has got it going on!

The Twitterverse, as usual, is already having a moment with Minaj's mommy makeover.

Some could already picture the rambunctious rapper as a motherly figure, despite the wardrobe choice being a complete 180 from Minaj's usual.

For others, it's quite the game-changer. What is this parallel universe where Nicki Minaj is a conservative housewife?

But one thing is for certain: Minaj looks absolutely stunning in her role.

Motherly AF.

The full campaign film won't be available until Nov. 28, so you'll have to stay tuned to see how this story plays out and what other attire Barbie sports. For now, all H&M revealed is the full commercial "tells the story of a parallel fantasy world filled with memorable characters and a universal message of caring for one another".

But let's not forget about her handsome beaux either. Grey's Anatomy hottie Jesse Williams stars alongside Minaj as the commercial's father figure. Can we please take a moment to appreciate how dreamy Williams looks leaning back in a "dad" sweater, preparing to tell a "Once Upon A Time" bedtime classic. Chills.

You cannot deny that he and Minaj make for one gorgeous couple. Twitter sure thinks so.

Indeed, it is!

The pairing is so iconic that it has non-fans getting all the feels.

If only it wasn't a fairytale...

Please, oh please, can this be a real thing?

Well played H&M. Well played!

Turtleneck and couple goals aside, it looks as though the H&M commercial will reveal some of the best winter fashions yet. As of Nov. 9, select garments from the film will be available in stores and on H&M's website.

That means soon we can all get gussied up in turtlenecks and mom buns à la Nicki Minaj. And you probably never saw it coming.