H&M's Perfume Oils Are Unique For Three Reasons & Here Is Why You Need To Try Them

Courtesy of H&M

It's good for the planet and good for your nose! H&M's Conscious Exclusive beauty collection is firmly committed to sustainable beauty products. A certain percentage of the total ingredients in the products must be of natural origin and from organic farming sources. The H&M Conscious Exclusive collection is adding three perfume oils to the repertoire and you need to try them for three reasons other than they smell good!

The H&M CE Perfume Oils are sustainable, so there's that! But they are also unisex, making them more inclusive. Lastly, the Perfume Oils can be worn individually or they can be mixed and layered to custom blend a scent as distinct as your DNA. I love it when beauty products encourage experimentation!

When are the H&M Conscious Exclusive Perfume Oils available to buy? The scents will arrive at select H&M Stores and via the H&M site on Thursday, Apr. 20, according to the press materials Bustle received.

And what do they smell like?

Well, according to the press release, the Perfume Oils, which are packaged in roll-on bottles, were drafted around three scent groups: floral, fresh, and woodsy. That's a pretty standard scent group. But the beauty lies in being able to get creative and to combine them.

Courtesy of H&M

Rouge Pivoine has notes of bergamot, rose, pear, peony, freesia, and cedar. Mmmm!

Lemon Amour is super citusy, with orange, lemon, and bergamot top notes. Those are paired with lemongrass and lime and finish with apricot, melon, and guaiacum. Yummy!

Courtesy of H&M

Lastly, Vert Douce swirls with sweet orange, galbanum, and elemi, along with green leaves, rose, and tea leaves. It wraps with cedar and cypress. Ahh!

Courtesy of H&M

The H&M Perfume Oils have been independently certified as organic by Ecocert, as well.

All. Good. Things. If you are in the market for a new spring scent, why not opt for this trio of freshness for your warm weather aura?