Hannah & Adam Didn't Get A Goodbye In The 'Girls' Finale

Mark Schafer/HBO

While it was major news that Jessa and Shoshanna would not be in the final episode of Girls, less was made about the fact that the boys of Girls would be missing in the series finale. Beyond Ray not being present during "Latching," Adam also wasn't in the Girls season finale. That meant that Hannah and Adam's ending on Girls occurred chronologically weeks before the series finale. Girls has never advertised itself as a romantic show, but the major couple of the series having such an abrupt reunion and separation in "What Will We Do This Time About Adam?" didn't necessarily sit well with some fans. Yet, just because the Adam, Hannah, and Jessa story line might have left you uneasy doesn't mean that you should have expected Hannah and Adam to reunite before the series was over again — and Lena Dunham proved that in "Latching."

In the eighth episode of the final season, Adam came back to Hannah because he felt his shared history with Hannah meant that he should help her raise her baby. Rather than realize he could be there for Hannah in another way — you know, like maybe as a friend, his dysfunctional thought process made him believe he should just jump back into their most intimate times. Their day ended with Hannah's tears revealing they couldn't just have a do over and she went home alone while he went back to Jessa.

Mark Schafer/HBO

I was filled with mixed emotions: Was I upset about this ending because it was unnecessary for closure? Did it all happen and end too quickly? Was it bad writing that made it go down that way (something I rarely say about Girls)? Or was I just upset because Adam's only way to deal with relationships is unhealthy and he brought Hannah down with him? As much as I hated this confusion of feelings, this is precisely why I've watched Girls over the years — because of these unfettered and unfiltered emotions and events that often happen even when they don't make sense — just like life.

So when Hannah decided to take a job upstate to have her baby, although it wasn't what you would have imagined to have happened to her before Season 6, it showed that the Brooklyn chapter of her life was coming to a close. And a big part of that chapter was Adam. While there's a possibility that he could somehow reenter her life later in a platonic way (although, do we really think Adam Sackler is going to make an effort to head upstate?), "What Will We Do This Time About Adam?" was really Girls' goodbye to Adam and Hannah. And while it was far from a perfect close for Hannah or Adam, it was the type of messy, raw, and unconventional ending that you would expect from these characters after having watching them interact for six seasons.