Hannah & Adam Might Not Be Over On 'Girls'

Mark Schafer/HBO

A surprise pregnancy is a standard TV trope, but Hannah being pregnant on Girls is making this well-worn storyline anything but typical. So when, in the March 19 episode, it seemed there might be a chance for Hannah and Adam to get back together on Girls before the series ends, I worried that this may be another plot that is too cliché for my beloved show. I might be reading too much into what happened between Adam and Hannah in "Full Disclosure," but the HBO series does look like it could setting itself up to reconnect the original couple of Girls before the series finale. Although it seems like too stereotypical of an ending for Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner to come up with, if that is the case, then I'm willing to go with it since the rest of the series has proven over the years that Hannah and Adam reuniting on Girls would be far from a classic TV happy ending.

During "Full Disclosure," Adam was desperate to have Hannah watch the movie he made with Jessa about their relationship to see if he got the details right and to bring each of them closure. As she dismissed Adam, Hannah revealed that she was pregnant to show how much she had already moved on. But by the end of the episode, Hannah let curiosity get the best of her and seemed surprised and moved by the honest — and positive — portrayal of their relationship.

Full disclosure about my thoughts on the events of "Full Disclosure:" I've never been a fan of Adam and Jessa's relationship on Girls (I'm very defensive of my TV characters and romances). However, I don't think that I am forcing this idea that Girls could possibly be gearing up to get Adam and Hannah back together based on "Full Disclosure" and the previous episode, "Gummies." While Jessa has been viewing her relationship with Adam as better than his relationship with Hannah, Adam made it clear that Hannah and him shared something meaningful that he's not going to mock in their movie during the March 12 episode.

Along with the fact that this movie — which was Jessa's idea — is bringing out the worst and most jealous parts of Jessa, this disparity between what Jessa thinks is real and what Adam thinks is real is not a good omen for their relationship. Now just because Adam and Jessa could break up doesn't necessarily mean that Adam and Hannah will get back together, but this movie is bringing back all the complicated feelings these two have shared throughout the series.

Girls could just be making it so that Hannah actually is over Adam before she has her baby, which would be a healthy way to start motherhood. But the show could also be making it end with Hannah and Adam back together. While part of me hates the idea of such a generic finale for this unconventional show, I do have faith in Dunham and Konner. Because, if you had told me that Hannah would become pregnant in Season 6, I would also have been disparaging about it. Yet, as Hannah's pregnancy story has been unfolding, I totally buy into it because her experience feels more authentic and true to her than most TV characters' when they choose to have babies.

Hannah having a baby isn't a way of prolonging the series for another season or two — it's a way to transition this character from girl to woman. Perhaps deciding that she wants to be with Adam (the arguable "love of her life") — or that she doesn't want to be with Adam — could be another baby step for Hannah onto that path of adulthood. And as real life has shown me, there's nothing wrong or cliché with that.