'Bachelorette' Hannah B. Reflects On Her Wild Year In A New Instagram Post

Eric McCandless/Walt Disney Television/Getty Images

For many, the start of a new year represents new beginnings and the chance to give yourself a fresh start. It also prompts us to look back on everything that happened over the last year and determine how it helped us to grow as an individual. Hannah Brown's New Year's message on Instagram, which she posted in the final few hours of 2019, embodies all of those aspects, reflecting on the wild year she had, both within the Bachelor world and beyond.

Above all else, Hannah's post is a message of positivity, because while she admits that this last year was less than perfect for her, she's also grateful for a lot of things that happened and opting to take a page out of Elsa's book by letting it all go. "2019 you were a crazy, beautiful, tragic, magical mess. But, I’m giving you a big thankful hug and letting you go," she wrote alongside of a photo of herself standing out in a field of yellow flowers. "You brought me a lot of love, some pain, and so many incredible moments that I’ll forever be grateful for experiencing. You are definitely a year I’ll never forget."

Hannah ended the message by stating how ready she is for what new adventure 2020 has in store, adding "Let’s give all the good from last year a run for its money."

From ending her engagement to Jed Wyatt at the end of her Bachelorette season to winning the Mirrorball trophy on Dancing With the Stars, there's no denying that Hannah's year has been full of some rather extreme highs and lows. Yet despite all the heartache she faced, she refuses to let the bad overshadow the good — and her latest Instagram post isn't the only evidence to that fact.

On Friday, Dec. 27, Hannah shared her New Year's resolutions on her Instagram stories where she listed finding love as one of her "goals and intentions" for the upcoming year. ""LOVE. I still want it. The real kind," she wrote at the time, while adding these important words of wisdom:

"Don't give up on dreams. Work hard. Feel good enough. Feel capable enough. Don't settle. Believe you deserve it all. Give back. Be kind. Be strong. Don't take bullsh*t. Be a leader. Learn from others. Gain wisdom. Get out of your comfort zone. Take changes. Stay hopeful."

2019 may not have been the year Hannah expected, but it's definitely changed her life forever, for better or for worse. One can only that she's able to end 2020 with all the hope and love that she's already bringing into it.