The First Promo For Hannah B's 'Bachelorette' Season Just Dropped & It's SO Dramatic

ABC/Craig Sjodin

Grab your wine glass and your Bachelorette bracket because it's almost time for Hannah Brown's season to begin. The former beauty queen from Alabama is ready to find her true love, and, based on Hannah B's new Bachelorette promo, she's leaving her beauty queen title behind. Set to Grace's cover of "You Don't Own Me," Hannah's first promo has a kind of edgy fairy tale vibe. And one thing's for sure: this is not the same Hannah who was competing for Colton Underwood's heart on the last season of The Bachelor.

In the promo, Hannah, dressed in a blue jumpsuit complete with a tulle skirt, walks through the woods and slowly dismantles her "Beauty Queen" persona. The tiara is thrown on the ground, later joined by her Beauty Queen sash and the skirt, and, eventually, Hannah is left standing surrounded by red roses. It's a pretty dramatic entrance, as far as Bachelorettes go, but it seems fitting. After all, fans saw Hannah go through quite the transformation over the course of Colton's season.

When Hannah got her first one-on-one with Colton, she was a bubbly, slightly frazzled young woman who couldn't come up with a toast to save her life. And, yes, the Hannah fans saw on the "After the Final Rose" special was still bubbly, and still a bit frazzled, but she was also more mature and determined — much more like the Hannah seen in this new promo. "I didn't end up with Colton, but I ended up loving myself more," she said in an interview with People after she was announced as the new Bachelorette in March. "I came into the show as someone who wasn't as open as I am now," she added.

Hannah's Bachelorette season won't premiere until Monday, May 13, but Bachelor Nation has already met four of her potential suitors on the "After the Final Rose" special in March. Luke, Dustin, Cam, and Luke number two all met Hannah B live on television for the first time. Hannah was so excited, she even gifted Cam with the coveted First Impression Rose. Shortly thereafter, The Bachelorette introduced a few dozen more contestants competing for Hannah's heart on Facebook.

The new Bachelorette has also been dropping hints and teasing her upcoming season on various talk shows. In an interview with Good Morning America in March, Hannah revealed that she's looking for a lifelong love, but that doesn't mean she wants her Bachelorette journey to be too serious. "I think love is supposed to be fun, and so I want fun and I want adventures," she said.

In a separate interview with People, she assured fans that she's ready to be engaged at the end of the show. "This is something I really believe in," she told the magazine in early March. "And at the end of the day, I want somebody who loves me and chooses me. I'm ready for my moment."

And fans are definitely ready to see Hannah's moment in action. If this promo means anything, it's that this Bachelorette did not come to play — she's here to find love, and she won't let anything stand in her way.