Hannah Gives Birth On The 'Girls' Finale

by Allie Gemmill
Craig Blankenhorn/HBO

One of the biggest reveals during the Girls finale was Hannah giving birth to her son. Finally, the big moment had arrived: motherhood. Despite being deprived of the highs and lows of pregnant Hannah throughout Season 6, the series finale made sure we saw Hannah in her raw and immediate new mom state of mind. Are you guys ready to meet Hannah and her son, Grover?

As part of the finale, Hannah was joined by bestie Marnie, who is now helping her raise Grover. In an episode dedicated to endings, it seemed only fitting that we waved goodbye to Hannah's life as a single, messy, career-focused woman and welcomed Mom Hannah into the world along with her son. The thing is, Hannah is having a hell of a time getting used to life as a new mom.

After five months, when Marnie snuck into Hannah's house in upstate New York and declared that as her best friend she should be able to help Hannah raise Grover, things aren't going well. Hannah could not seem to get Grover to latch while breastfeeding. But she also appeared too proud to accept Marnie's help in the matter. To make things worse, Marnie appeared antsy to resume life as a single woman while Hannah just began to spiral, believing Grover hated her.

Mark Schafer/HBO

Hannah seemed to be moving backwards in her ways, with her old selfish habits rearing its ugly head as she began to make Marnie feel bad for apparently not pulling her weight (which was so not true). Hannah was having a less than spectacular time adjusting to new motherhood and it appeared that a new phase in her life was bringing her nothing but confusion and maybe a teensy bit of entitlement. Why didn't anyone understand just how tough it was for her?

Loreen, her mom, was called in by Marnie to give her a serious talking-to, demanding Hannah get her act together. The way Loreen explained it, this choice was permanent. She couldn't take this one back and despite Hannah giving indication that she understood, it seemed like she was ready to resume life as a petulant 20-something rather than a responsible adult.

Who would have thought that Hannah would have had to storm off, tell off a teenage girl running away from home, and getting escorted back to her place to make her really accept that yes, she is a mom and yes, this is how the rest of her life will go? Here's to new adventures.