Hannah's Speech About Being A Parent In The 'Girls' Series Finale Was The Moment We Saw Her Become A Mom

Mark Schafer/HBO

After six seasons spent floundering through life, the Girls are finally grown up, and Hannah's speech about being a parent in the Girls series finale is a testament to just how far she's come. After stumbling across a teen neighbor wandering pants-less (and shoe-less) through the streets, she immediately jumps into protective mom mode, literally giving her the clothing off of her own back and insisting she help her home.

Hannah initially thinks the girl is in some kind of trouble, which is understandable given that most people don't run out of their houses half-dressed unless it's a pretty major emergency. But when she later realizes that the girl was just mad at her parents for making her do her homework — teen problems, right? — she lays into her like any good no-nonsense mom would do. She preaches to her about how hard it is to be a parent, that they don't want to nag her, but they have to, because they only want what's best. And then, because she's still Hannah, she demands the girl give her jeans back.

It's a simple moment, but one when we truly see who Hannah has become. The younger version of herself may have agreed with her teen neighbor and taken her on some wild, late-night adventure, regaling her with the freedoms that adulthood — or at least her version of it — can offer. Or perhaps she would have even been that girl, stumbling home from some suburban house party, running away from responsibilities and life.

Mark Schafer/HBO

But here, here she is a mother: Confident, caring, concerned. She has no time for the trivialities of adolescence that, not too long ago, she may have bothered to entertain if she were bored enough. Now she has a kid to care for, a real life to lead, and she'll be damned if anyone minimizes how important it is to be a parent.