Model Harnaam Kaur Breaks Boundaries In Her New Beard Oil Campaign

by Kali Borovic

You might know Harnaam Kaur from when she first made news by wearing flowers in her beard on her wedding day. Or maybe it was when she became a representative for #effyourbeautystandards. Or maybe when she walked in her first London fashion show in 2016.

Whenever it was that you noticed her, she was there breaking boundaries and spreading awareness. Her latest endeavor is no different.

Kaur is breaking into the beauty world with her Bearded Dame Hair Elixir collaboration with Captain Fawcett — a brand that is known for their grooming products. The model teamed up with the company to create and star in her own hair oil that's, you guessed it, for hair and beards.

Kaur has polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), which has a side effect of excess body hair growth. The model has been living with the syndrome since she was 11 years old, and she isn't alone. According to, one-in-ten — or five million women — are currently diagnosed with the disease.

Kaur, who is also a life-coach and body confidence advocate, isn't letting the diagnosis stop her from living out her dreams.

“I wanted to create a beautifully perfumed nourishing hair elixir that worked on both hair and beards, reflecting the way I put my own twist on how to use favorite products,” Kaur said in a press release. “There are hints of vanilla and labdanum with cedar and lime, and we spiced that up with piquant black pepper and West Indian bay rum to give it an edge, a bit more force to invigorate the oil’s soothing qualities.”

The Bearded Dame Hair Elixir, $33, Captain Fawcett

The idea is genius really. Not only does Kaur know about how to make hair and beards silky smooth, she's actually living it.

You can purchase the Hair Elixir on the Captain Fawcett website for $33.

The Bearded Dame Hair Elixir, $33, Captain Fawcett

As if the launch isn't enough, Kaur also helped design the bottle, according to Mic.

“The bottle’s mandala design was very important to me," Kaur said. "It’s a symmetrical geometric circular pattern symbolizing the layers of the universe, representing wholeness, perfection and eternity with humanity connecting at the center, so exactly right for a universal scent created for everyone and anyone."

“The mandala also represents the Third Eye, or the mind’s eye, which I love because the oil is made to be worn on the head, whether hair or beard, and so that felt very fitting, too."

In case you're keeping tabs, that means she created, starred in the campaign, and design the product. All the haters can sit down, because this girl just proved that she can do it all.